How Digital Invoicing Tools Ease Billing and Payment Tasks in the Field


Using Field Service Management Software has several automation benefits, including digital invoicing. Most importantly, digital invoice and billing tools allow for financial peace of mind. They also eliminate the need to chase overdue customers payments after a job has been completed. As well as reducing time-consuming methods such as batch invoicing. Automated invoicing tools allow workers to easily generate invoices in the field, when at a job. Helping them to take payment for the job in all different ways. Either by PayPal transfer, credit card, or cheque.

Easily Generate Invoices in the Field

Invoicing is one of the final stages of the job management cycle. It is an important factor to signal that a job has been completed and paid for. But, invoicing and billing tasks can also be a pain point for many businesses. Particularly those that operate with a paper-based payment system.

The stages of a job management cycle

Without automotive software or digital invoicing tools, invoices are generated manually. This plays out with field engineers filling out several forms to generate a customer’s bill. Forms typically including client information and payment details. These are sent back to the office where the payment is processed.

If all customer and billing details are correct, payment can be taken. But, if an error occurs, your office staff will have to chase the client for payment. This is just one of many time-consuming and error-prone drawbacks of a paper-based system. With digital billing tools, however, invoicing is made easy. Especially when it comes to generating invoices in the field.

Collect Payment on the Job

Using field service management tools, your mobile workforces have access to a host of tools. Including the ability to instantly generate invoices on completion of a job. Using a dedicated app and mobile device, invoice forms are generated with a single click. All customer and payment details are generated from the original job scheduling information. Meaning no time is wasting filling out forms on the job. Instead, all an engineer needs from the customer is a signature, which can be captured digitally.

Speed up Invoicing with Templates

A key factor in speeding up the invoicing process is by using software-generated templates. Invoicing templates have the necessary fields and data already stored. Meaning your field workers don’t have to waste time by filling out forms and information. Templates can also be customised to include company branding and disclaimer messages. Making the payment process both professional and consistent across all jobs.

Go Paperless

An advantage of digitising invoices is going paperless. Instead of sending payment forms back to the office to be stored, all data is stored electronically. Essentially created a digital trail that is accessible via a mobile or computer. This digital trail can save hours when having to search for customer payment history.

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Track invoicing and Payments

Office staff spend most of their time tracking customer payments when using a paper-based system. With 52% of small businesses worrying about unpaid invoices. The cause of unpaid invoices could be for several reasons. Ranging from incorrect payment details to field workers simply forgetting to submit them.

By choosing a digital tool and automating invoicing tasks, you can easily track each invoice. This enables accountant teams and office staff to see the status of each job payment. Including:

  • When a job was complete
  • When an invoice was submitted
  • If you’re awaiting payment
  • If payment is overdue

Most field service management tools also enable you to filter invoices and create fields. Letting you instantly see at what stage each payment process is at. Alerts and notifications can also be set, to ensure billing dates are met. Giving you complete control and insight into all billing activities.

Send Multiple and Batch invoicing

Sending multiple invoices can be a time-consuming process but a common one for field service companies. There are several reasons for this. Maybe you’ve fallen behind on billing tasks. Or perhaps you prefer to send all invoices on the same date. Either way, manually processing multiple invoices can damage the efficiency and speed of services. That’s where batch invoicing can come in handy.

Send Multiple and Batch invoicing

Batch invoicing, with a dedicated digital field service tool, enables quick and easy action. It allows you to select the jobs that need billing and effortlessly send an invoice to all in a few clicks. As opposed to having to create a separate invoice for each job and send it one at a time.

With customer and job details pre-loaded into the system, multiple invoices are ready within minutes. Each invoice can also be loaded into a customised and standardised template.

Automate Customer Payments

The key selling point of a field service management tool is the ability to automate tasks. Whether that be automating job scheduling and dispatch, digitising job sheets, or tracking workforces. Another element of the job management cycle that benefits from automation is payment. Most notably, the ability to automate payment collection and recurring invoices.

If a customer’s payment details are already stored on file, you can automatically take payment. This reduces the need to chase overdue customer payments. Whether you have a client’s PayPal or credit card details, invoices are paid within minutes of job completion.