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What Is ERP Integration: Understanding the Methods, Benefits & Risks Involved

27th Oct 2023

ERP integration is the process of feeding your ERP Software with the data provided by current business day-to-day operational applications. But, for successful integration, there are several methods, process, and challenged to be wary of.

The Risks, Benefits, and 9 Key Stages of a Successful ERP Implementation Plan

9th Nov 2023

For a business to succeed with the implementation of a modern ERP system, and avoid an expensive crash-and-burn, there is a 9-step process.

Why Manufacturing ERPs Are Considered the Best Option & When to Switch

12th Feb 2024

Fighting the constant efficiency battle, manufacturing is the dominant end-user market for ERP, with some 89% of manufacturers from regular surveys using ERP. Manufacturers, whether discrete or batch and process, use ERP to remain competitive and drive their business forward.

Why ERP In the Cloud Is the Modern Way to Do Business

30th Nov 2023

The cloud is simply “other company’s compute power.” Together with ERP, the cloud has transformed how businesses operate. CIOs, IT leaders, and other key roles are under pressure to adopt what is a winning formula.

The Benefits and Risks of Mixing or Replacing Your CRM With ERP

1st Dec 2023

CRM and ERP are the heavyweight tools of the corporate software world. Both boost revenue and improve business performance, but they go about it in very different ways.

How ERP is Driving Small Businesses into a Digital Era

6th Dec 2023

Just by the name “enterprise resource planning”, small businesses might think that ERP is not for them. Yet, any size of business looking to develop and grow in a structured and integrated manner will find that adopting ERP Software creates value and helps it grow in the market.

ERP vs. MRP: The Benefits & Differences That Affect Manufacturers

8th Dec 2023

Businesses have moved on from a material world to one of data insights and analytics. That’s where ERP improves on the traditional use of manufacturing resource planning, otherwise known as MRP. However, MRP’s dominance in the world’s factories and production facilities challenges the need for ERPs and potentially greater IT complexity.

Mastering a Growing Supply Chain With an ERP Solution

18th Dec 2023

ERPs can improve all five stages of the supply chain, driving better business efficiency and management of assets to improve the resiliency of an organisation as it grows or meets changing market conditions.

ERP vs Accounting Software: Which Is Best For Today’s Financially-Sound Businesses?

22nd Dec 2023

Accounting is a mainstay core function of any business, for strong financial management, taxation, payroll and strategic planning. With an abundance of SaaS solutions available, businesses have a choice; to implement a dedicated accounting system to manage their financial processes, or to opt for a more rounded ERP solution.

ERP HR Modules: The Perks & Potential Risks of Integrating Human Resource Management

9th Feb 2024

As the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market size reaches its expected $49.5 billion worth, organisations are understanding the advantages of integrating all business processes through ERP modules, one being an ERP HR Module.

The Role of AI In ERP & How It's Empowering Accurate Decision-Making

21st Feb 2024

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is widespread, with 65% of CIOs integrating AI into ERP systems in 2022. As of 2024, one in six UK businesses has adopted artificial intelligence technology, with most citing ‘data management and analysis’ as the primary reason. This makes the combination of AI and ERP fitting and somewhat limitless.