How Maintenance Management Software Betters Business

What is EAM and How Can it Enhance my Business?


The aim of this article is to understand and answer two questions; What is EAM, and what are the benefits of EAM maintenance software?

By having a complete understanding of enterprise asset management and EAM software, you can begin to understand if an efficient asset management system matches your business needs.

What is EAM?

Enterprise Asset Management focuses on managing the life cycle of physical assets in order to maximise the length of use, reduce costs, and improve quality and efficiency.

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In this context, “Enterprise” means the way that assets interact across the company. This includes input from a number of other departments and locations, even support departments such as Human Resources.

Enterprise assets are usually fixed; buildings, machinery and plants. But can also include moving equipment like ships, vehicles and aeroplanes.

What is EAM Maintenance Software?

EAM Maintenance Software helps enterprises collect, manage and maintain the physical assets that they rely on. The Software registers the buying, operations, production and disposal of all assets.

Collecting the data you need, then taking the time to analyse it, can have an effective impact on your asset management strategy. You also need to be able to assess your bottom line quickly, and ensure that your assets remain profitable.

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You might be thinking that this all sounds like CMMS. But, whilst there are some similarities between EAM and CMMS software, they’re not the same.

CMMS is used to manage maintenance, whereas EAM maintenance software manages the entire lifecycle of an asset.

The difference between EAM Maintenance Software and CMMS

Benefits of EAM Maintenance Software

  • Provides a complete overview of all business assets and infrastructure, allowing for efficient budgeting and forecasting.
  • Allows management of an asset’s lifecycle from design to disposal, which allows for better maintenance scheduling.
  • Offers modern tracking technologies to allow for real-time tracking and geographical route tracking.
  • Allows all asset data to be stored in one centralised EAM cloud-based app to be accessed anywhere, at anytime by anyone.

Where do you go from here?

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