vx Maintain

vx Maintain

Maintenance Management System For Complex Facilities

Most Suitable For: Large Scale Retail Organisations with External Contractors

Customers: 100000+

Pricing: From £60 per unit per site

Deployment Options: Web-Based, SaaS and Cloud-based

Industries: Business Facilities, Corporate Business Parks, Retail, Healthcare, Education… See All

Top Features:

  • Equipment Data Entry and Management
  • Work Orders Management
  • Contractor Workflow Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance… See All

Testimonials: 5


Accruent’s vx Maintain is a cloud-based SaaS product. Mainly used for managing work orders and assigning jobs to your internal employees and external contractors.

One of the best features of the product is the ability to create quick work orders with ‘just enough’ information.

Top users of vx Maintain are from facilities management and retail sector. Tesco, Coop, John Lewis Partnership and Trevis Perkins are some of the well-known users of vx Maintain. Its starting price point is an annual fee of £60 per unit.

vx Maintain works seamlessly across any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones), thanks to its responsive design.

The average implementation time is 12 to 16 weeks. This is done by Accruent to suit the maintenance workflows of your organisation.



  1. Create ‘one source of truth’ for all your maintenance related activities.
  2. Provide personalised ‘Maintenance View’ depending on user roles.
  3. Understand maintenance issues by region, department or user. Get an overview and understand maintenance programs in detail.
  4. Comprehensively manage maintenance programs that require the heavy involvement of external contractors.
  5. Build an enterprise asset management solution that will address your asset, facilities, service, maintenance, building survey and IOT requirements. This can be achieved by integrating vx Maintain with vx Service, vx Observe, Maintenance Connection, KyKloud and other products from Accruent.
  6. Top users of vx Maintain have reduced their maintenance cost by up to 10%.
  7. This product is cloud-based, which means you have consistent user experience for your office-based, mobile, field based and external contractor teams.




vx Maintain List of Asset Locations

  • Create your own equipment register using vx Maintain, or import data from Accounting and Financial Systems.
  • Import equipment data using barcodes, QR codes, RFID codes and most of other popular scan techniques.
  • You can also use excel in importing your equipment data.
  • Using vx Observe (which is an additional product), you can capture data from an internet enabled equipment within vx Maintain.



Maintenance Workflow in vx Maintain

  • Quickly create orders for simple jobs with just two clicks.
  • Avoid work order duplication, as vx Maintain points out duplicates before they are generated.
  • Learn basic equipment troubleshooting tips before the creation of work orders.
  • Create and manage work orders easily on mobile devices.
  • The ‘Just Enough’ information entry principle eliminates under and over data entry conditions.
  • Create maintenance activities workflow based on work orders.
  • Create work order templates for standard maintenance scenarios.
  • You can search and review your work order book with ease on any device.
  • Create competence, cost and technical rules as regards who can start the jobs.
  • Assign and Approve work orders and Invoices.
  • Create work orders at asset or category level.



Different Types of Work Orders Managed in vx Maintain

  • External contractors get access to vx Maintain at no additional cost.
  • Personalised dashboard for contractors provides access to relevant work orders.
  • vx Maintain detects the location of service and maintenance engineers which helps in ensuring job access and completion.
  • Contractors can assign jobs to field engineers based on availability and competence.
  • Time spent on jobs can be accurately tracked to the last second.
  • Automated invoice calculations reduce data entry.
  • Create and report on multiple service level agreements.
  • Customers can review work before job acceptance.



  1. Offers highly personalised and targeted information based on user’s role. The information is presented in a format that aids actionable decisions.
  2. The product that takes a maintenance oriented perspective to asset and equipment management. If you would like to add field service management and Internet of Things capabilities, then you can integrate vx Service and vx Observe (which are separate products) with vx Maintain.
  3. There are two options in creating work orders – a quick two click work order option and a comprehensive one.
  4. At no additional cost, you can provide access of vx Maintain to external contractors to review and complete your work orders.



  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Business Facilities
  • Corporate Business Parks
  • Healthcare
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Public Sector
  • Telecom



  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Phone Support
  • 24 x 7 Web Support



Avg Implementation Time: 12 to 16 Weeks

Implementation Methodology: Accreunt implements the product to suit your asset and maintenance workflows.


Coop Logo

“By automating and streamlining our invoice validation process, Accruent has helped us save 5% in total maintenance spend.”

Ian Smithyman, Head of Contract Management and Service Improvement, Co-op (Manchester, UK)



“Because of 360Facility, we were able to establish a baseline SLA metric for our team to manage their work and prioritize their time.”

Gary Glawe, Senior Director of Ballpark Systems, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club (Minneapolis, US)


Anoka County
“We’re back to being the consultant of choice at the county.”

Andrew Dykstra, Director Facilities Management & Construction, Anoka County (Minnesota, US)


Columbia College
“Our goals before FAMIS were simply to repair or replace. Now, we’ve been able to achieve our target of reducing unanticipated requests by 80%.”

Sarah McGing, Facilities and Operations Manager, Columbia College (Chicago, US)



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