A CMMS for Manufacturing Companies

Finding the right CMMS for manufacturing maintenance to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your production line.

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Discover how a CMMS for manufacturing companies can optimise the efficiency of your maintenance activities to reduce downtime of critical equipment and maximise production.

Costly equipment downtime, slow production and a lack of asset data are just some issues that will point manufacturing managers and plant owners in the direction of a specifically targeted CMMS for manufacturing maintenance. But, before jumping ahead with any CMMS solution, it’s important to understand the depth of maintenance challenges you face within your current setup.

With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to identify the gaps in your manufacturing maintenance activities, understand the benefits of a manufacturing CMMS tool, and learn how to choose the right solution for your operations.

In This Guide:

  1. How a CMMS Can Solve Your Manufacturing Maintenance Issues

  2. 5 Key Benefits of a CMMS for Manufacturing

  3. A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Manufacturing CMMS Solution for Your Production Line

  4. The Next Step to Implementing CMMS for Manufacturing Maintenance Activities

  5. Expert Guides to CMMS for Manufacturing Companies

How a CMMS Can Solve Your Manufacturing Maintenance Issues

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS software) is used to help organisations plan, track, analyse and enhance their maintenance process. The ability to reduce maintenance costs and prolong the usable life of business-critical assets is essential for a number of companies and markets, including oil and gas. But, one industry that benefits the most is manufacturing.

Whether managing an entire plant or leading a production line, carrying out your responsibilities for the efficient production of tangible goods can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re using paper-based methods or spreadsheets to track and manage your maintenance processes.

As well as making sure all equipment is compliant and in optimal working condition through scheduled maintenance and repairs, it is your job to keep the production line in operation. That includes maintaining heavy machinery and equipment, organising inventory, placing orders for spare parts, and collecting asset management and performance data.

Without the use of a digital maintenance solution, you’ll run into a vast array of challenges. The one common issue facing manufacturing companies is the unplanned downtime of critical equipment. In fact, manufacturers face an unprecedented loss of up to $260,000 per hour through unplanned downtime. With 82% of companies experiencing at least one case of unplanned downtime between 2015 and 2018.

The Cost of Unplanned Downtime in Manufacturing without preventive maintenance

Other challenges that manufacturing plant owners will face include:

But, with a CMMS solution that is dedicated to improving manufacturing maintenance processes, these issues can be a thing of the past.

Operating from an accessible centralised system, you’re able to utilise tools and get a better hand on your maintenance activities. By supporting a preventive maintenance program, a CMMS will increase uptime and life of machinery, reduce downtime during working hours, and efficiently handle work orders. All this, among other benefits that can help keep your manufacturing plant running smoothly and enhance your overall manufacturing operations.

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5 Key Benefits of a CMMS for Manufacturing

The benefits reaped by using a CMMS for manufacturing maintenance activities are vast. Overall, the right tool will help you control costs and increase efficiency throughout the production line. There are many key benefits that will help you get to this overall stage, including:

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A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Manufacturing CMMS Solution for Your Production Line

The process of finding the right CMMS solution for your manufacturing maintenance activities can be broken down into 4 stages:

  1. Highlight challenges in your current maintenance processes

  2. Map out the features you need from a CMMS to meet your core requirements

  3. Consider the factors of implementing maintenance software into your manufacturing plant

  4. Shortlist, compare and evaluate CMMS options against one another

As you’ve already specified the need for a digital platform in your manufacturing maintenance activities, you’ll be aware of the gaps in your current processes. Now you’ll want to identify what your core requirements are and the features needed to match them.

Identify features of a CMMS that match your core requirements

A useful method for identifying the core requirements you need from a CMMS solution for your manufacturing maintenance needs is to create two groups; Essential features and Non-essential features.

Having an understanding of which features are essential and which aren’t will allow for a more focused approach when it comes to enhancing your manufacturing maintenance processes.

Consider the factors that will affect your operations

When choosing the right CMMS, there are a number of factors that may affect your decision and approach. Common factors that a manufacturing manager should consider include:

Compare vendors that offer a CMMS for manufacturing companies

Once you’ve scanned the market and shortlisted suitable vendors offering a CMMS for manufacturing companies, you’ll want to compare them against one another while also considering your core requirements.

By doing so, you can attain a more focused approach as to which vendor, and product, will offer a better approach to improve your maintenance activities and enhance your production output. There are a number of factors you’ll want to look out for when comparing manufacturing CMMS solutions, including:

Top Tip: Use a free trial as an opportunity to test out a familiar scenario. By doing so, you’re able to see how each tool handles one of your own maintenance requests.

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The Next Step to Implementing CMMS for Manufacturing Maintenance Activities

Once you’ve chosen a suitable CMMS vendor and product that matches your needs, there are a few final steps to take before presenting your option to the company’s decision-makers and getting buy-in:

Once your computerised maintenance management system is up and running, you’ll be on your way to figuring out the optimal running times for your equipment and building preventive maintenance schedules. You can begin to monitor the true cost of your maintenance and get detailed insights into your manufacturing operations. Eventually saving you thousands of pounds.

For a more detailed look in choosing the right CMMS software, check out our CMMS Buyer’s Guide.

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Experts Guides to Using CMMS in Manufacturing Companies

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