IFS Preventive Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance Management System For Moderate To Complex Maintenance Programs

Most Suitable For: Organisations with 50 to 20,000 Maintenance Engineers

Customers: 100000+

Deployment Options: On-premise, Web-Based, SaaS and Cloud-based

Industries: Aviation, Defense, Manufacturing, Chemicals… See All

Top Features:

  • Total Equipment Effectiveness
  • B2B Contracting
  • Mobile CMMS
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance… See All

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IFS Applications offers you a best-in-class computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), as well as maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), field service management, reverse logistics and more.

IFS Applications manages preventive and even predictive maintenance and ensures the required service work is performed. IFS Applications can be installed on-premise or as a cloud-based application. It is ideal for managing maintenance activities in heavily regulated industries and is particularly powerful in environments where a large number of service calls are received or operations are conducted in a highly serialised, risk intensive landscape.

IFS Applications started its journey as a provider of service management software and CMMS software to the nuclear power sector, known for its risk intensive and often complex maintenance requirements.
IFS later expanded its offering to include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)



  1. IFS Applications will streamline your complex maintenance programs under a single system. Eliminate manual paper based or spreadsheet(s) driven error-prone methods.
  2. Improve overall equipment uptime by scheduling and monitoring both planned and preventative maintenance routines.
  3. Drive maintenance activities in accordance with your plan by providing a single system for your maintenance engineers, internal field and service technicians as well as external contractors.
  4. Obtain actionable insights from all parts of your maintenance programs – scheduling, work orders, execution, parts ordering, parts delivery, receipt and invoicing.
  5. Optimise costs of your equipment maintenance programs by making decisions based on historic maintenance data from your CMMS system.




Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Get to know the difference between actual and planned equipment performance.
  • Analyse and report on any major equipment performance loss by linking your equipment with your production stop, log, produced, scrapping and production change parameters.
  • With IFS Overall Equipment Effectiveness you can effectively monitor equipment performance and easily evaluate proposed improvements. It allows you to balance KPIs effectively ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.
  • Operational events such as performance, availability, OEE and quality can be easily managed.
  • Process engineers and operators will benefit from the user-friendly graphical interface.



Maintenance Planning Board

  • B2B Maintenance contracting provides a framework to involve external contractors in your maintenance programs.
  • Manage tenders for your work orders. Compare and approve tenders, issue purchase orders, monitor and approve final work.
  • The key impact of this feature is that you enter data regarding your work order only once, which is used by you and your chosen external contractor to complete the maintenance activities. The quality of your maintenance information is significantly improved due to the single source of data.
  • IFS B2B Contracting facilitates communication with evaluated and approved sub contractors allowing the tender process to be run using a collaboration portal for maintenance and service outsourcing.
  • Tenders are easily evaluated and compared which helps you get the best price while reducing administration costs.
  • It eliminates duplication which results in an improvement in data quality.
  • The successful contractor can use the portal to retrieve detailed instructions and give updates on job execution. This means all data on completed jobs is held in a single location.



Preventive Maintenance Management and EAM Workflows

  • IFS Preventative Maintenance facilitates and optimises the management of regular preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Helps to prepare and organise all tasks within a facility.
  • Tasks can be scheduled based on your own parameters for example, specific events, a calendar, a machine condition, or even whether a task must be performed by a particular employee or contractor.



Maintenance Planning and Work Orders

  • IFS Maintenance Planning allows you to plan maintenance and embark on corrective maintenance in a uniform way enabling you to streamline activity planning and work order scheduling.
  • Changes can be made swiftly and simply using the graphical drag and drop interface.
  • It integrates fully with IFS Human Resources allowing you to instantly compare personnel requirements with available competencies.
  • Constraint based scheduling for work orders is supported for more complex maintenance activities.



B2B Work Orders

  • IFS Work Order helps to improve the efficiency of your maintenance operations allowing you to shrink downtime, reduce direct and indirect costs and ultimately increase revenue.
  • From fault reporting, preparation and final reporting to planning and execution, IFS Applications can manage all tasks relating to your maintenance organisation.



Equipment Information

  • IFS Equipment allows you to manage information relating to any assets which require maintenance such as your ventilation systems, transport systems, machines and buildings.
  • It integrates fully with IFS Asset Design providing a complete asset lifecycle management solution for plant rebuilds, operations and new facilities.




IFS’S Maintenance App has deep capabilities for four different types of MRO requirements.

1. Complex Assembly MRO

  • This is designed for managing complex assemblies such as aviation engine, nuclear systems, defence assemblies, oil and gas systems, heavy manufacturing and construction assembly.
  • Full Cycle MRO capabilities from defining set-up and work scope to execution, shipment and pricing.
  • Dismantling and reassembling instructions for the complex assembly.
  • Access to historical asset data helps in augmenting your maintenance decisions.
  • Capability to hold engineering information of the complex assets.

2. Component MRO

  • Capability to repair or refurbish components. Particularly relevant for high value and production/operations critical components.
  • Designs Customer Request Order for component repairs that suit your maintenance protocols and capabilities.
  • Built-in capabilities to relate accessories to the components.
  • Manages all elements of maintenance cycle: Receipt of components, pre-maintenance inspection, replacement inventory, repair inventory, work order, work execution, post-maintenance inspection, sign-off, delivery and invoicing.

3. Heavy MRO

  • Maintenance and Overhaul capabilities for capex heavy (high value) assets. Typical examples are aircrafts, vessels, submarines and complex land vehicles.
  • The feature is designed to enhance deeper engagement and communication between the operator of the heavy assets and the maintenance service provider.
  • From preparing maintenance visit to scheduling and executing maintenance activities, the feature has built-in capabilities to link maintenance activities with projects.
  • Work Orders, resource allocation, progress and conclusion of maintenance program can be recorded and reported in detail.

4. Line Maintenance

  • This feature is designed to carry out unscheduled or reactive maintenance tasks when an asset is already a part of the operation.
  • Ability to consult historical data when deciding on live or offline maintenance plan.
  • Maintains and manages serial structure of the assets.
  • Manages in-service and deferral requests.



Linear GIS Assets

  • IFS Linear Assets™ covers both definition/administration of linear assets, segmentation and elements (used to associate linear assets with non-linear assets), as well as the maintenance execution of linear assets.
  • Linear asset revision management is supported, this means planned and historical configurations can be viewed by users.



Fleet Management

  • IFS Vehicle Information Management helps you to comply with regulatory standards and makes integrated fleet and configuration management simple and more efficient.
  • It also supports operational planning, serialised parts control, modification management and preventative maintenance planning.



  • IFS Asset design enhances and supports engineering processes and allows for internet based collaboration.
  • Information about objects in plants such as fibre optic networks, power grids and many other types of structures or facilities can be produced and managed in this multidisciplinary engineering framework.
  • Information relating to projects can be imported directly from consultants and suppliers.
  • EPCI projects and material management is efficiently supported, aided by its tight integration with IFS Procurement and IFS Projects.
  • It provides complete asset lifecycle support when combined with IFS Maintenance and doesn’t disrupt the maintenance process even for large revamp projects.




  • Military Operators
  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers
  • Airlines & Fleet Operators
  • Independent MRO
  • Defense In-Service Support


  • Metals Foundries
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pulp and Paper


  • Electric Transmission Distribution
  • Power Generation
  • Telecom Service
  • Waste Water & Utility


  • Construction, Infrastructure and Industrial Services
  • Engineering Contractors (EPCI).
  • Shipbuilding and Maritime.


  • Offshore Drilling Contractors
  • Offshore Operations & Marine Services
  • EPCI Contractors
  • Offshore Service
  • Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers


  • Automotive
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Life Sciences



  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Phone Support
  • 24 x 7 Web Support



Avg Implementation Time: 12 to 16 Weeks
Implementation Methodology: The product is implemented by IFS or one of its partners. The product is implemented after understanding your existing maintenance workflows. The product is built in a test environment so that you can test and validate your solution before making it live.


“All in all, Hafslund has reduced its IT costs by making the transition from several overlapping systems to a common solution.”

Inger Lise Ekeren, System Manager, Hafslund


“Our previously isolated islands are now part of an integrated flow. We see the entire facility in a totally different way than before and can more easily analyse the way we work. Traceability has also improved.”

Joakim Marklund, Holmen Paper AB


Babcock Logo
“IFS emerged as a clear winner. The company showed that it understood the business, and the presentation of the solution was more relevant to our requirement for project-based engineering-to-order programmes.”

Alan Gilmour, Project Manager, Babcock Marine


Clancy Docwra Logo
“The IFS system allowed for the most user-friendly configuration of data and was the most intuitive, allaying any fears regarding usability and adoption.”

Nikki Charles, Group Information Services Manager, Clancy Docwra


EI-Engineering-Group Logo
“Of all the vendors in the running, IFS had the most demonstrable experience of working with project-based businesses.”

Shauna Conway, Sub-Contract Manager, E&I Engineering


MacTaggart Scott Logo
“What we needed, and what IFS gave us, was the ability to blend the discipline and benefits of more traditional MRP with full project management capabilities.”

Brian Shanks, Production Director, MacTaggart Scott


Star Refrigeration
“As well as greater visibility, the IFS system has provided the discipline we needed to make sure everything is done properly and in a completely standard way.”

Graham Stuart, Operations Managing Director


“We are not the easiest customer. But there was a relationship match on both sides that made this a success.”

Marion Scott, Head of Supply Chain Development


Western Power Distribution Logo
“IFS have understood the intricacies and complex rules involved and enabled us to provide our meter readers with full eight-hour work schedules, taking into account start and end points and travel time. The system is able to cope with the volume of data, process it very quickly and demonstrate significant routing and scheduling efficiencies.”

Andy Shean, Commercial Manager, WPD


“The smooth running of [our] extensive operation is dependent on the IFS system.”

Chris Bryant, Head of IT, Holdfast



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