Agile Assets

Agile Assets Maintenance Management System

A Comprehensive Maintenance Management System to Manage Highways and Bridges

Most Suitable For: Organisations with 30+ Maintenance Engineers

Customers: 1000+

Pricing: From £830 per user per year

Deployment Options: On-premise, Web-Based, SaaS and Cloud-based

Industries: Highways, Bridges and Government Organisation

Top Features:

  • Work Flow Management
  • GIS Mapping
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Mobile Companion Apps…See All


Maintenance Manager is a cloud based maintenance management solution. It is secure with 99.9% uptime. Also available as a Mobile App, it is designed to manage work orders, materials and fleet.

The Maintenance Manager gives you complete clarity across your maintenance activities, helping you take impactful maintenance decisions.

The starting price point is £830 annually per user. This product is implemented by AgileAssets.


  • Integrate planning, scheduling, recording work progress, and reporting to streamline your maintenance work flows.
  • Utilise the full potential of your team by managing the work done by in-house and external contractors.
  • Compare and analyse the effects of different budget scenarios and annual maintenance plans.
  • Get a clear and functional map view of all your assets. Event location, work history, and active work orders can also be seen on the map view.
  • Increase the efficiency of your maintenance team by identifying redundant work and combining related projects.
  • Produce optimised work plans with this software.
  • Forecast maintenance needs.
  • Allocate maintenance funds based on your maintenance forecast.


  • Work Flow: Define your maintenance workflow, and relate your work orders and inventories with it. Drive context and relation with your maintenance requirements.
  • Hierarchies: Organise infrastructure assets by defining hierarchies. Connect closely associated assets and systems to develop decision context.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Develop personalised preventive maintenance procedure(s) for each type of asset or individual asset.
  • GIS Mapping: Obtain the exact geographic location of all your assets with the Geographic Information System (GIS) feature.
  • Work Requests: Automatically create work requests based on changes to your defined maintenance workflow.
  • Work Orders: Link your work orders with annual maintenance plans and failure reports. Drive clarity and context of your maintenance activities.
  • Work Order History: Status driven clarity of your work order book.
  • Scheduling: Follow your maintenance plan with flexibility. Prioritise and reprioritise work orders based on maintenance demand.
  • Records: Keep accurate records of your labour, equipment, and material inventory.
  • Materials: Materials required for completing maintenance activities can be managed within the system.
  • Work Results: Swiftly review and compare your work results.
  • Improvements: Record the improvements in your assets from your work reports in an easy manner.
  • GIS/LRS Integration: Get location and geography related information of your assets.
  • Mobile Companion Apps: There are three mobile companion Apps. Work Manager, Materials Manager and Fleet Maintenance Manager. They ease the day-to-day activities performed by field based maintenance and service teams.

Deployment Options

  • On-Premise: This software can be deployed on your computers.
  • Mobile Apps: There are multiple maintenance apps available for both mobile and tablet users.


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