Comparesoft's Growth

  • 2018

  • Second VC Investment based on our traction

    growth achieved in 2019


  • 179%
    growth achieved in 2020


  • Third VC Investment based on our growth

    growth achieved in 2021


  • Fourth VC Investment based on our efficient growth

    growth achieved in 2022


  • 30%
    growth achieved in 2023


Over 16733 Software Buyers from successful enterprises have used Comparesoft

Just Eat
Deutsche Bank

We are a small high performance and well knit team who are changing how B2B software is purchased.

How are we different?

  • Unbiased & Vendor Neutral Software Options

    We won't reorder our search results because someone paid us to do so.

  • Software Options Matched to Your Requirements.

    Using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing we recommend the software options that are tailored to your requirements

  • Your Customised Shortlist of Software Options in One Place.

    Take the guesswork and hard work out of finding your right software options

  • Communicate with Multiple Software Vendors from One Single Place

    Its easier for you to manage all your communications with software vendors from one single place

Why Work With Comparesoft?

Competitive Salary
Progression & Training
Hybrid Working
Winning Team

As well as building and growing UK’s first B2B software marketplace, working with Comparesoft also has numerous perks:

  1. We pay a good salary.Salary is super important and we understand that. Compared to other companies in our sector, we often pay above-average salaries combined with equity. Meaning most people who join us get competitive salaries and every team member owns a share in Comparesoft.
  2. We conduct salary and growth contribution reviews every six months for every team member.
  3. Health and Wellness Benefits:
    • Medical insurance for every employee
    • Medical insurance for spouse/partner and children for eligible employees
    • Access to physiotherapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths or chiropractors
    • Mental health cover
    • Dental accident cover
    • Dental treatment cover
    • Eye tests cover
    • 24/7 online GP appointments cover
    • Comprehensive cancer care cover
  4. Get to drive growth of the UK’s first search and comparison engine for B2B software.
    Just to let you know, HMRC has validated that we have/are building something new and hence provide us with Research and Development Tax Credit worth thousands of pounds every year.
  5. Be a part of a small yet hyper-efficient team. We are a team of 8, yet we have proven profitability and grew by 402% in 2021. We are currently growing at about 10% every month.
  6. Our culture is:
    • We are transparent about our situation and performance
    • We are honest with each other, our customers, and our investors
    • We try our best to deal with a tough situation with empathy
    • We are completely committed to delighting our customers
  7. We are a fully remote yet well connected and engaged team based in the UK.
    • We use Slack to speak with each other twice every day; 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at the end of the day. We believe staying connected and speaking with team members allows us to share how our day went and talk about what we are working on. We also feel that speaking with each other drives empathy and compassion, which is good for our emotional and mental well-being.
  8. We are building the most employee-friendly and customer-centric organisation in the UK. It’s a journey, so every team member who joins us will contribute to making it an even more employee-friendly and customer-centric workplace.
  9. We focus on continuous training. Markets and technology are constantly evolving, so we believe the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to constantly keep learning. Hence every team member at Comparesoft gets access to a Coursera yearly subscription to keep learning new skills. We also budget for training and skill upgrades, so you can always take a relevant external course to further your skills.
  10. We don’t hesitate to do the right thing. For the record, all of us routinely make mistakes, but we almost always learn from them. We have apologised to each other and our customers when we are wrong. We like acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them.
  11. We are here to win, win big! By addressing the requirements of software buyers and software vendors. We want to be the best at what we do, not the second or the third-best.

Life at Comparesoft: In Pictures

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The Team

Prasanna Kulkarni
Founder, Product Architect & CEO

B2B software buyers find it very difficult to shortlist and compare software products. Prasanna identified this pain point from his experience of selling B2B software in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and France. So, he founded Comparesoft.

Before starting Comparesoft, He managed a software customer portfolio of $35 million.

Prasanna is responsible for UI/UX, AI Logic, Content, Sales and Fund Raising (On Friday’s he likes to clean the office).

In his free time, he likes to do Yoga, Cycling (using a road bike), Reading and watching documentaries.

Ryan Condon
Business Partner & Head of Content

Ryan is a content architect and executioner.

He founded From 2012, Ryan shaped online strategy and execution at SRB Photographic for 8 years before joining Comparesoft in Aug 2019.

At Comparesoft, Ryan is responsible for content strategy and execution.

Joshua Barrow
Platform Manager

Josh is a systems designer. He builds digital systems to inform and improve people's digital experiences.

From 2016, Josh has designed a number of learning systems to upskill professional skills of customers of QA.

At Comparesoft, Josh is responsible for providing informative digital experience to our users and customers.

Dragos Micu
Senior Full-Stack WordPress Developer

Dragos is a Full-Stack Developer and WordPress Expert. Over the last 10 years, he has built more than 100 custom-built web solutions using WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Before joining Comparesoft, Dragos was a Director at WPHarvest where he provided custom-built solutions for his customers.


At Comparesoft, Dragos is the technical owner of all the interfaces that are used by our software buyers and software vendors.

Lauren Nicholson
Inbound Leads Manager

Lauren loves progression and challenges. She has consistently progressed since her first job in 2011.


She is exceptionally detail-oriented and has worked on very complex electronics and IoT projects with PowerPax, Virgin Media and EC Electronics. Lauren is hardworking and has a really good work ethic. (She once drove to a customer site to deliver the product on time).


At Comparesoft, Lauren is responsible for managing leads and ensuring they are assigned to the right vendors.

Daryl Staggs
Business Development Executive

Daryl is a detail-oriented salesperson with 3 years of sales experience. Prior to joining Comparesoft, Daryl worked in the education market.

Daryl is responsible for introducing new products to our platform in the following markets:

  • CMMS Software

  • Field Service Management Software

  • Asset Management Software

  • Facilities Management Software

  • Asset Tracking Software

In his free time (if he gets some, because he is a new daddy), he likes to play Golf.

Charlie Green
Senior Research Analyst

Charlie is exceptional at analysis and producing meaningful reports.


Charlie holds a masters degree in Forensic Psychology which allows him to offer data led and empirical research driven reports.


At Comparesoft, Charlie is responsible for analysing trends in the software markets and reporting on them.


In his free time, Charlie spends time on Astrophotography (Space Photographer).

Our Advisors

Mike Wroe
Strategic Advisor

Mike is the former Group CFO of Just Eat plc where, over 8 years, he lead the transformation from a 40-person, venture-backed start-up, through a highly successful IPO and rapid, profitable growth to the cusp of the FTSE 100. During this time the business completed multiple UK and international acquisitions, with now 2500+ staff in 13 countries.

Mike, a Chartered Accountant, has over 20 years senior leadership experience across a range of services and technology businesses. He is currently an active Angel Investor, provides mentoring and advice to a range of UK high growth businesses and is Senior Independent Director and Chair of the Audit Committee at Purplebricks Group plc.

Peter Zigler
Go-to-market Advisor

Peter Micheal Oxholm Zigler cofounded and built Autobutler which was acquired by PSA group in 2016 for 223 million DKK.

Peter scaled Autobutler to 5 countries and employed more than 100 employees.

At Comparesoft, Peter advises on our Go-To-Market Strategy.

Blackfinch Ventures
Our Investors

Blackfinch Ventures.
1350-1360 Montpellier Court
Gloucester Business Park

T: 01452 717070

Ashley Unitt
Non-Executive Director

Ashley was co-founder and CTO of NewVoiceMedia which was acquired for $350m in 2018.

At NewVoiceMedia, Ashley built their technology team of over 100, raised millions in funding, and oversaw global expansion.

FT Future 100, Forbes Cloud 100, the Ventana Research 2018 Digital Innovation Award and FT 1000 Fastest Growing European Companies 2018 are some of the awards that Ashley has won.

Ashley is Non-Executive Director of Comparesoft.

Blackfinch Ventures
Our Investor

Blackfinch Ventures.
1350-1360 Montpellier Court
Gloucester Business Park

T: 01452 717070

Hassaan Mehmood
Board Observer

Hassaan is Comparesoft’s Board Observer. Hassaan has experience in both public equity investment, private equity investment and structured debt investment working in asset management, with one of the UK’s largest fund managers.

Mercia Fund Management
Our investor

Mercia Fund Management Ltd.
Forward House
17 High Street
B95 5AA

T:0330 223 1430

Jake Christoforou
Board Observer

Jake observes the progress of Comparesoft. He supports investment activity for the EIS Fund at Mercia Asset Management PLC, a specialist asset manager focused on investing in and supporting companies across the United Kingdom. With circa £800m assets under management, Mercia uses a full range of venture, debt and private equity capital to help build great businesses with global potential.


James Laing
Commercial Operations Manager, Assettrac

“Assettrac are very enthusiastic about having established a relationship with Comparesoft, so that more customers can find the systems and solutions they’re searching for, and find Assettrac for these. We are looking forward to working closely with Comparesoft so that we can both reach these goals.”

Laura Barnett
Marketing Consultant, AMX Solutions

“Comparesoft is improving all the time in terms of user interface and presentation of data. We look forward to working with the team and getting results from the collaboration.”

John de Robeck
Marketing Manager, FMIS

“Comparesoft is exactly what FMIS was looking for. Unlike other providers we use, Comparesoft is specifically geared to the UK market and so covers a key sector in our target market. ”

Gautham Ramakrishnan
Marketing Analyst, Freshworks

“My experience with Comparesoft has been really good. They have been able to address our requests proactively and have thrived in getting us quality leads. ”

Saeid Naelini
Managing Director, AMX

“AMX Solutions have recently expanded our sector portfolio and as such we are looking to raise awareness of our enhanced Asset Management Expert system and leverage our digital presence through Comparesoft. The digital outreach and engagement provided by Comparesoft via an unbiased platform will complement our existing sales and marketing strategies. Its unique approach helps us to increase awareness of our brand online to connect with relevant potential new customers and develop relationships to meet commercial objectives.”

John Dawson
Channel Manager, Snow

“The partnership allows Snow to expand our reach in the UK market. Comparesoft have a good digital presence which will augment our sales pipeline.”

Ewout Noordermeer
CEO, Ultimo

“We have aggressive growth plans in the UK and have made significant investments in people and processes. Forming the new referral partnership with Comparesoft highlights our commitment to grow in the UK region. Leveraging Comparesoft's digital outreach strategy, we are confident of delivering personalised conversations with prospective CMMS and enterprise asset management software customers.”

Christa Seeberger
Marketing Director, Accruent

“Comparesoft is a contemporary digital engagement platform that will allow us to proactively initiate highly personalised conversations with our prospective customers which will help us grow our international presence.”

Munzi Ali

“We are committed to working with private and public sector enterprises to provide bespoke solutions for each particular workplace. Whether it’s a need for implementation and operational guidance, mobile or fixed RFID reader solutions or hardware that comes with a customised, comprehensive support package, we meet every customer’s individual requirements. Working in partnership with Comparesoft will enable us to deliver bespoke solutions to business customers across the UK”

Dave O'Reilly
President, Fluke Digital Systems

“Our award-winning software solution is enabling businesses around the world to connect their teams, assets, and systems to deliver quantifiable value and further maintenance maturity. Partnering with Comparesoft will expand our reach by making our customizable CMMS system available to customers across the UK.”

Scott Beasley
Client Director , License Dashboard

“Our partnership with Comparesoft is a key part of our plans to connect with a larger section of the UK market, bringing to the forefront of more organisations our SAM solution that is effective in terms of its capabilities and realistic in terms of return on investment.”

Derek March
Head of Service Delivery, Hardcat (UK)

“Our partnership with Comparesoft is one of our core elements to increase our digital presence and attract new customers in the UK. The partnership will augment our current marketing efforts and help us to position our product and service to growing number of customers.”

Dean Bates
Marketing Director , Vector

“We are looking to aggressively position VIZOR as a go-to product for IT Asset and Service Management. So we are looking to leverage digital presence and unique approach of Comparesoft to reach a wider audience and engage with prospective customers. We’re very excited for users to start seeing VIZOR on Comparesoft.”

Karl Horner
CEO and Founder, Mobiess

“Our new referral partnership with Comparesoft will allow us to reach more UK customers that require flexible mobile software to manage their business. We are excited to join leading-edge providers on the platform as we continue helping businesses provide better services by mobilising their workforce.”

Vince Potter
Founder and CEO , Notiria

“I found that Comparesoft is the UK’s leading digital platform which connects software buyers and vendors; their business model and overall proposition has made it very easy for us to join their platform.”

Chris Turlica
CEO , MaintainX

“We are quickly expanding the UK market and Comparesoft was a natural choice to help serve more of our clients. We’re pleased with the impact Comparesoft has had on our sales and revenue pipeline, and the lead engagement, both of which are high in comparison to our other channels. I’m very excited about the relationship moving forward.”

John de Robeck
Partnerships Manager, FMIS

“We have been working with Comparesoft for a few years now. The great thing about them is their knowledge of the UK market. There are lots of aggregator sites, but Comparesoft is unique with its local focus. So it was a simple decision for us to continue the association.”

Simon Fisher
Managing Director , Nanolink Group

“Comparesoft is by far the best lead generation option we have used, having tried a number of services over the years. Josh Barrow of Comparesoft is very friendly to work with and dealing with the whole Comparesoft team is an absolute pleasure. In a growing marketplace, they are helping us to expand our client base like never before. The leads quality and quantity are second to none, so giving a long term commitment was a simple decision.”

Milorad Doljanin
Cheif Commercial Officer and Co-Founder , Setyl

“Most companies start their research with comparison websites and after trialling a few options, we found Comparesoft’s leads to be most effective. We are impressed by the volume and the quality of the leads so we have doubled down our commitment with them.”

Freddy Vos
Vice President of Sales , Ultimo

“We have been associated with Comparesoft since 2019. Every year they have connected us with the right software users. Software Users that are just right for Ultimo. We really like the matchmaking of Comparesoft and have gained a number of new customers from their recommendations. Hence renewing the partnership was a simple choice.”

Paraic OLochlainn
General Manager, EMEA , eMaint

“We have been working with Comparesoft since 2019. Every year we have been connected with hundreds of CMMS software users that are looking for what our product has to offer : ways to improve reliability and optimize asset performance. The matchmaking of Comparesoft has provided us with a number of new customers across the last few years. Hence renewing the partnership was an easy decision.”

Mac McConnell
VP of Marketing, ServiceChannel

“We came across Comparesoft and were impressed by their quality. We are already having meaningful conversations with opportunities generated by Comparesoft.”

Richard Choi
Managing Director, Elecosoft UK Ltd

“We have been associated with Comparesoft since 2020. We like their ad-free approach and their matchmaking ethos, which helps customers select the right partner for their CAFM and CMMS needs. We have connected successfully with several of our key customers through our partnership, so renewing the relationship was a straightforward decision.”

Current Openings

Senior Customer Success Manager

With the launch of our new customer-focused dashboard, we're entering a new growth phase and are seeking a skilled Senior Customer Success Manager to handle our increasing customer base and maintain our 90%+ renewal rate.

We are looking for a Senior Customer Success Manager who is exceptional at:

  1. Commitment to make our customers succeed with our leads.
  2. Communicate constantly at different levels from sales, marketing and product teams within our customer’s organisation.
  3. Proactiveness to drive internal members to get things done to make our customers successful.
  4. Using KPIs to drive customer’s success.
  5. Being assertive yet flexible about your plan and actions.
  6. Managing ambiguity. We are a scale-up, 80% of our processes are well defined and success proven. 20% always require iteration, restructuring and testing.
  7. Being a revenue oriented person without compromising the experience and trust of our customers.

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Senior Product Content Writer (Fully Remote)

We are looking for a Senior Product Content Writer who is exceptional at:

  1. Product descriptions for vendor's software products that connects software buyers with software vendors.
  2. Maintaining product descriptions for software products that connects software buyers with software vendors.
  3. Monthly newsletter focussed on vendor’s product trends and leads trends.
  4. Attend vendor’s online conferences and events to ensure the information on product descriptions is accurate.
  5. Work with industry experts to get the vendor content validated.

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