We are growing at 400% per year. Join us, If you like achieving your career goals, learning new skills, being well-paid and realising meaningful work-life balance.

Join our ever-growing remote-working team, who all receive competitive salary and equity, and get to work on the UK’s first artificial and human intelligence-driven B2B Software Marketplace.

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Firstly, What Do We Do?

In a nutshell, we help customers find the right software for their business. We do this by using artificial and human intelligence to provide customers with the best possible software choices that match their requirements. Essentially, we drastically cut the time it takes businesses to search, contact, and implement a new software solution. What makes us special? Well…

We Provide the Best Software Options

Using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing we only recommend the software options that are tailored to a customer’s requirements.

We Allow Customers to Shortlist & Compare Solutions

We allow customers the chance to shortlist various software solutions that match their needs from a single customer dashboard. From there, they can compare the pros and cons of each solution and choice the best one for them.

We Don’t Do Adverts or Paid Searches

Unlike others in our field, all of our software options are unbiased and vendor-neutral. This means we won’t reorder a customer’s search results. This allows for the best possible results to show first.

We’ve Helped Thousands of Customers

Since our very first day of operations, we’ve helped thousands of customers find the best possible software solution for their needs. You may have heard of some of our customers. They include:

To understand more about what we do and to meet our team, head over to our about us page.

Meet the Team

Hear what it’s like to work at Comparesoft from our team members. Including best moments, overcoming challenges, and their top tips for anyone looking to join the team.

Ryan Condon

Job: Head of Content

Joined: September 2019

Joshua Barrow

Job: Product Manager

Joined: February 2020

Matthew Sweet (Devon Matt)

Job: Product Content Manager

Joined: December 2020

Why Work With Comparesoft?

Competitive Salary

Competitive Salary

Progression & Training

Progression & Training

Remote Working Options

Remote Working

Games and FREE Pizza

Games & FREE Pizza

As well as building and growing the UK’s first B2B software marketplace, working at Comparesoft also has numerous perks:

  1. We pay a good salary. Salary is super important and we understand that. Compared to other companies in our sector, we often pay above-average salaries combined with equity. Meaning most people who join us get their asking salaries and every team member owns a share in Comparesoft.

  2. We conduct salary and growth contribution reviews every quarter for every team member.

  3. Get to drive growth of the UK’s first search and comparison engine for B2B software. Just to let you know, HMRC has validated that we have/are building something new and hence provide us with Research and Development Tax Credit worth thousands of pounds every year.

  4. Be a part of a small yet hyper-efficient team. We are a team of 5, yet we are profitable and grew by 509% in 2020. We are currently growing at about 20% every month.

  5. Our culture is:

    • We are transparent about our situation and performance

    • We are honest with each other, our customers, and our investors

    • We try our best to deal with a tough situation with empathy

    • We are completely committed to delighting our customers

  6. We are a fully remote yet well connected and engaged team based in the UK. That means:

    • We use Slack to speak with each other twice every day; 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at the end of the day. We believe staying connected and speaking with team members allows us to share how our day went and talk about what we are working on. We also feel that speaking with each other drives empathy and compassion, which is good for our emotional and mental well-being.

    • On the last Friday of every month, we have a remote event. It can be anything from an online pub quiz and Comparesoft Jeopardy to any other event that we all enjoy. Each pre-nominated person from the team decides what we are doing. Pizzas are delivered to your house and in time for the fun to start.

  7. We are building the most employee-friendly and customer-centric organisation in the UK. It’s a journey, so every team member who joins us will contribute to making it an even more employee-friendly and customer-centric workplace.

  8. We focus on continuous training. Markets and technology are constantly evolving, so we believe the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to constantly keep learning. Hence every team member at Comparesoft gets access to a Coursera yearly subscription to keep learning new skills. We also budget for training and skill upgrades, so you can always take a relevant external course to further your skills.

  9. We don’t hesitate to do the right thing. We have apologised to each other and our customers when we are wrong. We like acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them. For the record, all of us routinely make mistakes, but we almost always learn from them.

  10. We are here to win by addressing the requirements of software buyers and software vendors. We want to be the best at what we do, not the second or the third-best.

Life at Comparesoft: In Pictures (Pre-March 2020)

Current Openings

Business Development Manager

Get to position UK’s first AI and Human Intelligence driven software marketplace platform. Give shape to how software vendors can acquire more software users for their product. Get to sell the platform that is used by BAE Systems, Barclays, KPMG, Deloitte, NHS and many other big, medium and small businesses. Also, receive competitive salary and equity as well as clear progression.

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Data Scientist

Work on UK’s first AI and Human Intelligence driven recommendation engine. Draw on your experience working with data science, natural language processing, or machine learning to evaluate and improve the recommendations made to software buyers. We are offering clear progression to Data Architect, Competitive Salary and Stock Options.

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Web Developer

Get to improve Comparesoft’s product experience. We employ a wide range of tech such as Python, NodeJS, React, Serverless Framework, KnockoutJS, GraphQL, Kubernetes, WordPress, MySQL, and Neo4j. We are offering clear progression to Senior Web Developer, Competitive Salary and Stock Options.

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