Real Asset Management Series 5000

Real Asset Management

Asset Tracking Software with Accounting and Maintenance Management Capabilities

Most Suitable For: Organisations with 1000+ assets

Customers: 2,000+

Deployment Options: On-premise & Web Based

Industries: Local & Central Government, Healthcare, Schools, Colleges, and more.

Top Features

  • Asset Status and Location Tracking
  • Issues, Returns, and Reservations Management
  • Collection and Delivery Handling
  • Fixed Asset Auditing

Product Summary

Real Asset Management (RAM) was founded in 1981 and has grown to become a leading supplier of fixed asset, asset tracking, and maintenance management software to both the public and private sectors.

The company has successfully implemented solutions in a variety of industries, including Housing Associations, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, and Educational organisations. Their wide portfolio of public and private sector customers includes The Rick Stein Group, Habib Bank, Thames Valley Housing Association, Guernsey Housing Association, West Suffolk Hospital, Glasgow Kelvin College, Hillingdon Council, and HM Treasury.

Product Highlights

  • Log GPS coordinates for assets and quickly get an overview of asset locations on an interactive map.
  • Easily reserve assets ahead of time to ensure full asset utilisation and avoid scheduling clashes.
  • Specialist collection and delivery handling features allows organisations to track and manage reusable, mobile assets.
  • Fixed asset auditing capabilities enable quick, accurate physical audits to detect missing or transferred assets.

Product Features

Asset Status and Location Tracking

  • Increase asset visibility and reduce operational costs from downtime or misplaced assets.
  • Capture entire audit history over the asset’s lifecycle, from acquisition, to transfer, issue, and return, through to disposal.
  • Log GPS coordinates when assets are scanned, view location data on interactive Google Maps.
  • Integrate with Real Asset Management’s mobile asset tracking application, for quick scanning and asset verification in the field.
  • Specialist asset tracking solutions can lead to lower insurance premiums.
  • Compatible with active or passive RFID tags or labels to accommodate a wide range of application demands, including those pre-programmed with an EPC (Electronic Product Code) number.
  • Compatible with a variety of barcode labels, including vinyl, polyester, and aluminium. Multiple options for label design, such as colours, logos, barcode types, and additional text properties. RAM can also supply high security and rugged labels for challenging environments.

Issues, Returns, and Reservations Management

  • Improve asset utilisation by giving team members visibility of available assets.
  • Easily click and reserve assets in advance, and avoid scheduling clashes.
  • Monitor asset usage and identify assets or equipment that are in short supply, or assets that are under-used.
  • Set up email workflows to automatically chase overdue loans, reducing administration required for late returns.
  • Attach documents and media to assets, for example user manuals or media files.
  • Capture electronic signatures when assets are checked out, helping to improve accountability and responsibility for assets.

Collection and Delivery Handling

  • Specialist collection and delivery capabilities designed for businesses working with re-usable, mobile assets, such as container, cylinders, pallets, crates, or baskets.
  • Manage the whole process of scheduling collection or delivery of assets, and track items during the process, while monitoring asset status and condition.
  • Data on collections or deliveries is captured in real time, or saved in offline mode for when connectivity is available later.

Fixed Asset Auditing

  • Provides a central asset register which can store detailed information on assets, facilitating quick live or offline physical audits.
  • Import from and export to Microsoft Excel, with options to integrate with other systems.
  • Access asset data in real time from mobile devices or hardware scanners.

Auditing in Mobile App

Auditing in Mobile App

Industry Fit

Central Government

  • Ensure no assets are unrecorded or untracked, maintaining compliance with NAO audit objectives.
  • Recognise when assets are not found during a physical audit, and log that assets are missing or transferred, highlighting candidates for disposal.
  • Maintain an accurate log of asset location, and report on assets based on any number of built-in or user-definable fields.

Schools and Sixth Forms

  • Complete regular, automated audits using mobile applications for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.
  • Track assets and report on allocation by location, custodian, or user-definable fields.
  • Future proof system with DfE compliance, which can adapt to changes in Academy status.


  • Effectively manage and track capital assets and related DfE grant funding.
  • Track the location of mobile assets loaned to students or staff, using RFID, NFC, or barcode asset tags.
  • Capture asset location and persons currently responsible, ensuring accountability and accurate utilisation monitoring.

Colleges and Universities

  • Allocate mobile assets to staff or students, using RFID, NFC, or bar code asset tags to accurately implement rapid check in and check out processes.
  • Effectively track and manage capital assets and related grant funding.
  • User definable fields allow additional information such as grant project data to be attached to individual assets.

Local Government

  • Comprehensive audit trail keeps track of asset location and changes in condition over the full life cycle.
  • Enables compliance with IFRS and HRA accounting.
  • Integrates with leading finance and ERP systems, or Microsoft Excel.

Healthcare & NHS

  • Barcode scanning helps verify an asset’s status as located or missing during physical audits.
  • Allow staff to reserve critical medical or IT equipment in advance, providing full visibility of asset availability.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, allowing Trusts to use existing devices to track medical and IT equipment.

Support & Training

  • Support Team Members: 15
  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Phone Support
  • 24 x 7 Web Support
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