FMIS Asset Tracking Software

Fully Integrated, Finance-Aware Asset Tracking and Management Platform

Most Suitable For: Medium to Large enterprises requiring a fully integrated asset tracking and management solution with ERP and finance system integration.
Customers: 1,000+
Pricing: From £3,000
Deployment Options: Cloud Based, On Premise
Industries: Oil & Gas, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.

Top Features

  • Asset Tracking
  • Configurable Asset Register
  • Integrated Barcode Tagging
  • Equipment Check In/Out and Loans

Product Summary

Financial and Management Information Systems – or FMIS – was founded in 1986, and specialises in finance-aware enterprise asset management systems for use with any size of organisation, in any industry. Their unique, all-in-one approach allows users to build a system from a set of highly flexible modules, providing asset tracking, asset management, financial and ERP system integration, as well as a host of other features such as stock and inventory control, equipment maintenance, and lease accounting.

The company has an established client base of both public and private sector organisations in over 40 countries. Their customers include Sheffield Hallam University, Essex Fire Authority, Daily Express Newspapers, The AA, and Bristol NHS Trust.

FMIS solutions have been successfully applied in a variety of industries, including Commercial and Retail, Governent, Non-Profits, Education, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Leasing, and Manufacturing.

Product Highlights

  • Asset Tracking with multi-level location capture allows tracking of assets across multiple sites, down to an individual shelf or bin.
  • Equipment Loans functionality allows time-based allocation of assets to departments, teams, or individuals.
  • Finance-aware asset register integrates with popular finance and ERP packages.

Product Features

Asset Tracking

  • Multi-level location capture allows items to be tracked down to a specific shelf or bin.
  • Easily report on assets broken down by location with any number of filters.
  • Built-in exception reports help identify unexpected assets and misplaced items.

Flexible, Configurable Asset Register

  • Log and analyse all asset events, including disposals, transfers, cost adjustments, revaluations, or changes in operational status.
  • Integrates with most leading ERP and finance packages, including Sage, Access, and Deltek.
  • Easily import and export data to and from spreadsheets.
  • Create user defined fields to store structured information about your assets.
  • Attach an unlimited number documents and media files to asset records, such as warranty information, compliance testing certificates, or asset condition data.

Asset Register Overview

Asset Register Overview


  • Easily identify all assets in a specific location, to implement fast and accurate audit processes.
  • Quickly access a full history of audit events, facilitating diagnosis of incorrect counts.
  • Barcode and RFID tagging capabilities provide accurate, quick scanning for rapid data collection.

Barcode Tagging

  • Improve the accuracy and speed of check in or check out activities as well as physical audits.
  • Wide range of barcode labels available, depending on your requirements, such as: size, adhesive, print technology, or alternatives depending on your operational environment.
  • Integrates with fixed assets and equipment modules, allowing quick access to critical asset information once scanned.

FMIS Barcode Scanner

FMIS Barcode Scanner

Equipment Loans

  • Quickly allocate individual assets to specific people, projects, or teams.
  • Report on return dates and overdue loans, with breakdown by location, user, or any other criteria.
  • Check and report on the status and availability of equipment by department or site, ad view loans on an intuitive calendar view.

Industry Fit

Oil, Gas and Energy

  • Increase visibility of inventory and stock, and assign inventory or stock to work orders to support maintenance activities, ensuring that work is completed on time and to budget.
  • Integration with FMIS maintenance management facilitates quick access to critical asset and maintenance information through a simple scan of an asset tag.


  • Accurately monitor physical assets such as IT equipment, reducing misplaced assets and helping to reduce costs.
  • Tag individual items and assign to users, keeping track of who is responsible for items and ensuring they can be quickly located if misplaced.
  • Track and maintain assets across multiple locations, with reporting to break down asset allocation between users or over multiple sites.


  • Track the location and status of practically any asset, such as IT or e-learning equipment.
  • Use equipment loans functionality to ensure that resource are distributed fairly and can be allocated without timetable clashes.
  • Streamline physical audits with barcode or RFID tagging.


  • Maintain a log of location and history of critical medical assets and IT equipment, over the full asset life cycle.
  • Allocate equipment to specific users or patients, keeping track of who has what and when it is due to be returned.
  • Ensure compliance with both NHS Accounting Manual as well as other relevant accounting standards.


  • Track the status and location of assets, equipment, tools, and inventory across multiple sites.
  • Use advanced asset and inventory tracking to help implement just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing processes, reducing waste and operational downtime.

Local and Central Government

  • Track the location and status of IT assets across their full life cyle, in real time.
  • Allocate equipment to users, and tag equipment to ensure responsibility and accountability for valuable assets.
  • Use equipment loans to book scarce equipment ahead of time, and get insight into what assets are being booked, and by whom.

Commercial and Retail

  • Track equipment across multiple sites, and maintain a detailed history of asset movements and transfers.
  • Allocate equipment to users as well as specific sites, and conduct audits to make sure relevant assets are where they should be.
  • Record and monitor asset utilization and plan for maintenance.

Support & Training

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