EZ Office Inventory

Asset Tracking Software for Simple Tracking Requirements

Most Suitable For: Organisations with 250+ Assets

Customers: 1000+

Pricing: From $35 per month

Deployment Options: Cloud-based and Web-based

Industry: AV & Media, Church, Construction…See All


EZOffice Inventory is a simple to use, web-based asset tracking software. Starting at $35 per month, it suits businesses who are looking to move out of spreadsheet or paper-based tracking methods.

The product supports RFID Tracking, QR Codes and Barcodes. EZOffice Inventory has a mobile app for iOS and Android users.

With a team of 21 people, EZOffice Inventory offer comprehensive support to use their asset tracking software.

RFID Asset Tracking

  • Scan tagged assets with an external reader. Third-party scanners supported.
  • RFID tagging and tracking built to fit into your customised workflows.
  • Ease of bulk scanning and editing.
  • Barcodes and QR codes supported.
  • EZ Office offer free mobile app to scan barcodes and QR Codes.
  • Easily understand history of each asset.
  • Assets can be reserved in advance.
  • Easily undertake physical or digital audit of your assets.
  • Easily check out and check in assets.

Label Scanner and Designer

  • Easily design your own tagging labels.
  • Labels can be designed in different sizes and formats.


AV & Media

  • Avoid double bookings with calendar functionality.
  • Use Barcodes, QR codes and RFID to track your Audio-Video gear.
  • Custom fields are available to record AV specific information like lens information, adapter wattage and rack rail dimensions.


  • Tag and track church assets like artefacts, musical equipment and church furniture.
  • Reserve assets for ceremonies, weddings and other important events.
  • Service church assets using scheduled maintenance capabilities.


  • Avoid missing equipment or theft situation by tagging and tracking your construction assets.
  • Create custom equipment bundle for each job site or work order.
  • Improve equipment life by using services and calibrations feature of EZ Inventory.


  • Get visibility of loaned items using calendar functionality.
  • Easily manage check in and check out of educational assets like sport equipment, tablets, lab instruments etc.
  • Mobile app offers the flexibility to track items from iOS and Android Apps.

Event Management

  • Easily mass scan items.
  • Smartphone based app makes it easier to track and scan assets at events.
  • Tag and Track event assets like chairs, furniture and audiovisual equipment.


  • Easily gain visibility of medical assets.
  • Avoid medical equipment booking conflict using the calendar functionality.
  • Ensure medical equipments are serviced timely using the equipment maintenance feature.


  • Drive compliance by maintaining location and service information of all your assets.
  • Undertake physical audits using scanning feature.
  • Use customised data fields to capture bespoke asset information.

Public Works

  • Audit public assets using EZ Inventory App or third party device.
  • Assign work orders and review maintenance schedule of infrastructure assets.
  • Easily review and audit maintenance history of public assets.

Sports & Athletics

  • Create your own labels to suit your sports assets and brand.
  • Manage check in and check out using the EZ Inventory App.
  • Mass scanning feature suits sports events.


  • Support Team Members: 21+
  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Phone Support
  • 24 x 7 Web Support


Avg Implementation Time: 1 Day

Implementation Methodology: The product is implemented by EZOffice Inventory


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