CoreRFID Asset Tracking Software

Advanced RFID-based technology for tracking critical assets.

Most Suitable For: Organisations wishing to track high value, high volume, or safety critical assets with complex tracking workflows.

Customers: 3,700+

Pricing: From £10,000

Deployment Options: Cloud-based

Industries: Healthcare, Local Government, Manufacturing, Education, and more.

Top Features

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inspection and Maintenance

Product Summary

CoreRFID provides advanced RFID-based asset tracking technology, with applications in many industries such as Manufacturing, Heavy Lifting, Logistics, and more.

The product has been developed by a team formed in 2007, based in Skelmersdale in the North West of England.

As well as providing software solutions, the company also supplies a wide variety of RFID tags and RFID scanning hardware, to meet an increasingly large range of asset tracking and tracing requirements.

CoreRFID works with both small and large companies alike, and is pleased to include Ocado, BAE Systems, Vaillant, London Underground, Costain, and Ainscough Crane Hire among it’s customers.

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with a wide range of RFID asset tags and fixed or mobile readers, to support tracking of assets in complex or hazardous environments.
  • Supports asset inspection and maintenance workflows, helping to increase accountability for assets and reduce paper audit trails.
  • Integration points facilitate data sharing with third party or internal systems.

Product Features

Asset Tracking

  • Easily check assets out for work and check back in with RFID scanners.
  • Also adaptable to other technologies, such as Barcode tags.
  • Wide variety of tag types to support asset tracking in any environment.
  • Use RFID to track valuable, mobile assets such as tools on a production line, ensuring that manufacturing processes aren’t halted when the relevant tools can’t be located, and eliminating duplicate assets from unnecessary retooling.
  • Apply RFID in logistics operations to track movements of stock and inventory through a stock room or warehouse, helping to achieve objectives such as proof-of-dispatch and theft prevention, using mobile scanners of fixed RFID portals and gateways.
  • Implement custom workflows triggered from asset scan activities, for example automatic warning of container re-use limits.
  • Multiple hardware solutions available, for example ruggedised or mobile readers.
  • Integration capabilities allow data sharing with other systems, for example existing asset management or computerised maintenance management systems.

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Powerful RFID features can be used to support inspection and maintenance workflows by providing quick access to relevant asset data, and tracking high-value, safety critical assets from mobile devices or dedicated RFID and barcode scanners.
  • Companion CheckedOK mobile solution supports a wide range of inspection and maintenance regimes including regulatory frameworks such as LOLER, PUWER, and COSHH.
  • Full historical data for each asset can be access from anywhere, at any time, helping to reduce paper trails and ensuring full accountability across an asset’s life cycle.
  • Share data with third party or internal systems to integrate with existing systems or facilitate data sharing with other stakeholders.

Inspections Report

Inspections Report

Industry Fit

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Lifting & Rigging Operations
  • Retail Logistics
  • Materials Handling
  • Public Transport
  • Museums
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Care Homes
  • Chemicals
  • Refrigeration
  • Professional Services
  • Education & Research
  • Universities
  • Fleet Management
  • Photography
  • Schools
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Government
  • County Councils & Local Government
  • Public Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting

Support & Training

  • Support Team Members: 15
  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Phone Support
  • 24 x 7 Web Support
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