xAssets is a leading cloud-based IT and Fixed Asset Management Software. They count Panasonic, Fujitsu, BMW, Saint Gobain, Andersen Tax, Plantronics, American Sugar, Insight plus Police Forces, State and Local Government organisations as their customers.

Company Overview

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Shurnhold Farm House Offices, 65 Shurnhold, Melksham, Wiltshire
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Since 2001, xAssets have been providing clients with US Air Force certified, secure products for purposes of asset management. With affordable and scalable solutions, products from xAssets are being used by big companies such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, BMW, Saint Gobain, Andersen Tax, Plantronics, American Sugar and Insight plus Police Forces, State and Local Government organisations, and Universities in the USA and UK. Its rapid deployment and high security are other features which makes the xAssets products attractive in the market.

XAssets deals with different types of asset management such as IT, fixed, enterprise, cloud and software, each designed with features allowing clients to use the software without too many changes. Moreover, their products are also known for easy reconfiguration to fit custom solutions as per the clients needs thereby making the software more user friendly for the client. The possible applications include Help Desk and Tracking Applications, Crime Scene and Evidence Management, Alarm Management, and Customer Portals for Asset based Services. Another feature that is worthy to mention is the choice of hosted and local solutions they provide which enables clients to access the software either through their local servers or xAssets hosted servers


Key Product Features

IT Asset Management
This software provides a complete management system inclusive of robust reporting which makes IT processes more efficient and less time consuming. It provides a single repository for data from all sources and also contains a Help Desk tool to complete the IT software infrastructure. Its integration with the activity centre and other IT systems makes it an easy to use application with all the requirements under one platform. The centralised data repository also makes this information accessible very easily.


Fixed Asset Management
In order to ensure Efficient management and good decision making, the browser-based fixed asset management software provided by xAssets has functions like Asset Management, Depreciation and Asset Accounting, Maintenance, Barcoding and Asset Lifecycle Processes including Procurement and Disposal. The scalability and adaptability of the software allows clients with any number and type of fixed assets to use the software with less effort.


Enterprise Asset Management
This scalable and flexible software manages the full life cycle of all manufacturing and IT assets from Procurement to Disposal. The solution is ideal for medium sized and large organisations. The flexibility is such that customers can choose different solutions provided by xAssets to suit their asset management requirements. This easy to configure software also updates changes in assets using email notifications.


Software Asset Management
xAssets provides a software management system by which all the software present in all the computers connected on a server can be monitored and managed. Licenses can also be spread out in an efficient manner. Moreover, licenses can be purchased before the time runs out through email alerts. Software can also be classified according to risk, usage, importance, and licensing. A wide range of discovery techniques are also used to collect software information across the network.


Cloud Asset Management
To save space and increase accessibility, many companies look towards cloud space to manage assets and services. The cloud asset management software, helps to bring management solutions for cloud assets from multiple cloud providers. The service allows Service Inventory, Hardware Inventory, Dependency Mapping, IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Software License Compliance from within a single browser based application. Once all the cloud assets and their information are under one platform, it is easier to make changes to the assets. The software's tracking and reporting capabilities further encourage clients to use the software for their cloud asset management.


Network Discovery Software
This software offers a complete network inventory and License Compliance. The software includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which helps to manage, track, and change all the assets under one network from a single browser based application. This solution can be hosted onsite or locally as per the need of the organisation. With increased visibility, Help Desk and Desktop Support have their work made easier thereby reducing resolution times in case of problems.


Software Discovery service
This solution is part of the Software Asset Management Software and is used to discover software across several network nodes. This is a hosted solution for companies with 200 to 100,000 network nodes. Licenses of the software are identified and antivirus is recognized and classified accordingly. Using software recognition data, this service deals with unrecognized software in an efficient manner.


Key Capabilities

Commercial Properties & Facilities Management
IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets
Equipment & Machinery Management

Detailed Capabilities

Track Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Oracle and many other software applications
Track hardware like computers, desktops, laptops, macs and network devices
Full Asset Life Cycle from Procurement to Disposal
IT Asset Management and Fixed Asset Management
Consolidate data from all sources to provide a single holistic repository
Planned Maintenance and Work Order Processing
Financials and Depreciation
Procurement Management
IT Asset Management with Network Discovery Options
Service Management and Help Desk
Integration to local applications
Consolidate data from all sources to provide a single holistic repository
Powerful, flexible and adaptive reporting - shaped to your requirements
Holistic view of all corporate IT assets from multiple data sources
Software Asset Management
Add ESX, Linux, Unix, Mac, IP Phone, Network Equipment into the SCCM inventory
Contract Management
Spare Parts Inventory
Scalable to Large Enterprises
Hosted SAAS or Locally Installed


From $2,250

On premise installation pricing
Includes a server license and cost for two users

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"Technicians evaluating xAssets Discovery were impressed by its speed, low network bandwidth, and zero footprint on the end user computer. Discovery could discover hundreds of desktops in minutes, including a hard disk scan, without making changes to the client."
"Essilor achieved all of the objectives it set for the automated fixed asset solution, and found the xAssets software so robust and easy to use that it abandoned its plans to transition to an oracle solution."
"The combination of vision and objectives by Andersen Tax plus software solutions and services from xAssets resulted in giving the firm full visibility, control and compliance in their IT asset management."
Andersen Tax

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