Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection is a cost-effective CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) service which is used by companies to manage things such as their assets and inventory. Maintenance Connection can also be used to create things such as reports and work orders, allowing companies to manage their operations from one convenient platform. The Maintenance Connection team claim that their service can have a great ROI for their customers, owing to their product's overarching control and reliability.

Key Product Features

Assets Management

The MC system allows you to view your assets in a hierarchical structure called an 'asset tree', using simple drag & drop and copy & paste functions to organise your assets in a flexible and user-friendly manner.


The inventory section allows you to create purchase orders on an ad hoc basis, adding data such as vendors and shipping information. You can also specify the price and quantity for a purchase order while setting up approval settings that require certain managerial members of a team to approve actions before they can be performed. You can also print purchase orders or send them to the appropriate vendor via email, Excel, or PDF. In addition, you can track invoices and receipts from the inventory section too.


The reports function allows you to generate reports on a range of topics, creating folders for organizing your reports into appropriate categories. You can choose what data you want to filter in and out of a report, generating bespoke visual graphs and charts which can be emailed, printed, or turned into PDF and Excel documents as necessary. You have the option to add/remove data, columns, graphs, and much more, giving you a powerful and customizable report-generating experience.

Service Requests

The service request function allows you to create bespoke service requests, adding or removing certain fields as necessary. You can also check the status of certain requests, receiving notifications via email or SMS when certain things change or occur.

Work Orders

The work orders feature allows you to create work orders on an ad hoc basis, making your workflow much more straightforward. You can assign certain work orders to certain users, setting up deadlines and timeframes for them via intuitive drag & drop calendar tools which allow you to modify and create deadlines/events easily.

Preventive Maintenance

The MC system allows you to set up preventive maintenance procedures, meaning you can ensure that your system is maintained on a regular basis and kept in proper working condition at all times. You can set up the procedures you want your PM to undertake, as well as the frequency at which it will occur. For example, you could set up different routine PM functions monthly, quarterly, and annually, depending on your system and its requirements. The process can be fully automated, allowing you to rest assured that your system will be maintained in your absence.

Mobile App

The Maintenance Connection team has spent the last 2 years working on an intuitive and well-designed mobile solution for Android and iOS systems. The mobile app 'MC Express' allows you to manage your maintenance system on the go, using the state of the art UI to navigate the app and manage your system easily.

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