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Built asset management and surveying needs are being met by Kykloud solutions since 2010. With a powerful portfolio where one can view the complete asset details and a fully mobile surveying software, Kykloud provides solutions that are perfect for companies of all sizes. With surveying solutions in real time, Kykloud offers real-time information for field and office-based teams. Once the surveying is complete, management and reporting is also possible with kykloud. This efficient work flow allows asset managers to take data driven decisions.

Kykloud has a Home Survey software which is specifically designed for residential surveyors. But, Kykloud solutions are being used for industries other than residential, such as Education, Retail, Hotels and Leisure, Government, Healthcare, Commercial and Infrastructure.

Company Overview

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Earl Grey Way, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 6AR
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  • Bespoke survey templates and reports to specific to client needs.
  • Lifecycle Management: system features provide asset monitoring and forecasting.
  • API allows system connectivity and data sharing with other platforms.
  • Data Ownership: users maintain 100% ownership of their data.
  • Data Security: the highest levels of data integrity is applied.
  • Mobile building inpsection.
  • Condition inspections, compliance and energy audits.
  • Portfolio analytics: across the entire property portfolio.



  • No hidden charges: unlimited report generation, free of charge.
  • Continuous improvement: comprehensive product and services, with quarterly software updates.
  • Real-time Project View: full project tracking and control.
  • Improve and Control Quality: data integrity and cross-project consistency.
  • Service Availability: hosted on UK approved data centres.
  • Project Support: 9-5 help desk and dedicated account managers.
  • Industry recognition.

Key Capabilities

Commercial Properties & Facilities Management

Detailed Capabilities

Create & Customise Data Collection Templates
ISO9001 and PI Insurance Compliance Checks
Supports BIM Framework
Survey Programme Management
Budget Planning
Custom Reporting
Mobile App


From £3500

Includes Personalised web portal, base software hosting, phone and email support
Includes Support

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Manager, Contract Delivery and Performance
"Macutex enables clients to foresee their risks and opportunities instead of focusing on backlog maintenance issues while sacrificing lifecycle management. Kykloud allows us to help our clients move from a reactive to a proactive way of working and make informed decisions on managing their large facility portfolios."
Barry Murray
Operations Manager
"It's a challenge to shift from the familiar toward a more progressive way of enabling assessments. Kykloud makes it easy with a user-friendly interface to capture data even in remote areas with no signal"
Sue Thorp
Director and Head of Residential Valuations
"Kykloud's technology is a simple app which we use on an iPad but it has literally transformed the way in which we operate. Long gone are our clipboards and cameras but our surveyors now use the Kykloud app to carry out detailed inspections and produce Collier's standard reports more or less at the touch of a button"
Tremaine Ferreira
"The National History Museum relies on government money and benefactors, so does not have a consistent revenue stream, explains Bailey. But with the help of our survey, and the Kykloud software, they now have a 10-year maintenance plan which they can present to their backers."
Michael Bailey
Baily Consulting
The University of Sheffield
"Kykloud has without a doubt helped us to improve the way in which we operate. The information we have extracted from our portfolio will now form an important part of our HESA reporting, and enable us to make data driven prioritisation decisions for our lifecycle planning and future budgetary commitments"
Sales and Marketing director
"Kykloud provides a hugely efficient surveying tool that saves us time and increases efficiencies but it is flexible enough to allows us to meet the exact needs of our customers; we can extract the specific data they require from their property portfolios and provide bespoke reports, yet the automated surveying software ensures consistency across all our surveyors wherever they be based"
Chad Coombes
"Without a doubt Kykloud has helped us to stay ahead of the game and has given us a competitive advantage resulting in several new contract wins"
Total Fire Safety
Head of Healthcare
"Kykloud made it easy for our surveyors to capture the required data and create user friendly reports; it helped us to create a holistic picture of the condition of the estate, allowing us to look at how best to increase efficiencies portfolio wide"
Roger Pulham
Gleeds’ specialist healthcare
Director of Projects
"Kykloud reduces the total time it takes to carry out the survey and produce a written report. It also encourages consistency across multi-site projects. The report generating tool has been upgraded so that you can chose to present your report in whichever way suits your business or that of your client"
Peter Dracup
"Kykloud allows all our students to access a full suite of surveying software and produce the type of report they would produce as practising surveyors"
University of Northumbria
"Once the data has been uploaded, the report is generated automatically with zero admin time in the office afterwards"
Tony Young
Neil Mason Associates
"But for me Kykloud is not just about the speed of the survey but rather the quality. Getting access in to peoples' homes is never particularly easy so it's essential that our surveyors extract all the relevant information we need in that one visit. "
Grwp Cynefin
Chartered Building Surveyor
"The on-site capture function is extremely detailed and easy to use which,because of the complexities of the initial project we were working on, proved really useful.The reports were of an excellent quality and we were able to see the time saving benefits of Kykloud straight away"
Graeme Harper
Cavendish Maxwell
Lifecyle Manager
"One of the major advantages of kykloud was the lifecycle management element of the software. Clearly kykloud looks beyond the capture to support ways in which the data can be used to inform a comprehensive set of asset management services"
Ben Evans

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