Built asset management and surveying needs are being met by Kykloud solutions since 2010. With a powerful portfolio where one can view the complete asset details and a fully mobile surveying software, Kykloud provides solutions that are perfect for companies of all sizes. With surveying solutions in real time, Kykloud offers real-time information for field and office-based teams. Once the surveying is complete, management and reporting is also possible with kykloud. This efficient work flow allows asset managers to take data driven decisions.

Kykloud has a Home Survey software which is specifically designed for residential surveyors. But, Kykloud solutions are being used for industries other than residential, such as Education, Retail, Hotels and Leisure, Government, Healthcare, Commercial and Infrastructure.


Key Product Features

Asset & Facilities Management
Kykloud's asset management software is useful to prioritise and monitor assets. Visibility on the asset data such as cost, depreciation, value and forecast help clients make data driven decisions. Cost of maintenance of an asset is also visible to clients which gives clarity. It also provides a platform to see the transparency of spends on assets.

Asset and Facilities Surveying
Surveying can be done on a mobile app even while offline by using Kykloud's asset surveying solutions. With several customisable templates provided by RICS standards, surveying is made easy. Edit and review features are also present which is useful for QA checking and approval. Moreover, reporting is also possible in PDF, Word and Excel.

Health and Safety
For further helping clients, the software also provides full library of industry standard inspections and audits for asbestos, access, statutory compliance, fire, energy and carbon etc. This helps to ensure the assets are in compliance with the industry standards.

RICS Surveys
To assist the surveying solution, Kyklouds solutions provide various templates and reports adhering to the standards of the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property, infrastructure and construction. The templates include PPM, Schedule of Condition, Valuation, Dilapidations and more




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