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IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets

Detailed Capabilities

Automated Systems Management
Audit and Inventory
Desktop Migration
Info Center
Mobile Help Desk
Network Discovery & Network Monitoring
Online Backup
Patch Management
Policy Management
Remote Access
Service Desk


Starts at $20 per month

Includes 365 Command Product Only
For the first 50 Office 365 Users/Mailboxes
$0.24 per month for each additional mailbox

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Peoples Bank and Trust
"Previously, our manual process of repairing machines caused everyone to lose time during the day to work on their tasks. Now, with VSA's patch management, employees are no longer disrupted because I'm able to do everything at night or on the weekends. It has and continues to save the whole organization a lot of time and money."
Ziya Gunay
Assistant Vice President
"Once we had a proper demo of VSA, we could see it was going to be so much more beneficial to our operations. It was a bit of a no-brainer to change, really. The other systems we used were either overly complicated, far too time consuming to use and required an awful lot of training; or alternatively, they were relatively simple and did not do everything we wanted. VSA by Kaseya really hits the sweet spot."
Ben Burns
Head of Systems Engineering
The 20
"The new features and functionality contained in BMS made it a no-brainer to switch."
Tim Conkle
School Choice International
"Vorex gives us vital data so we can refine our services and better understand how and what we can offer. It's really making us a much tighter and smoother operation to deliver our services to our clients."
Jeannie Colangelo
Director of Operations at School Choice
Spectrum Data Networks
"We would have a ticket almost every other day for simple things like print spoolers. With VSA, we have a script or process to reset the spooler. I cannot tell you how many hours we've saved on small simple tasks. Now, we can focus our attention on bigger, more critical issues. Being more proactive versus reactive is always better. Kaseya enabled us to be proactive."
Kyle Tennyson
Managing Partner and Director of Technology
"Our self-assurance when it comes to VSA coupled with our long-standing knowledge of the product has won us a number of bids with clients because we stand by the product and know we can deliver on all of our SLAs. As a result, we've continued to grow within the enterprise space."
Greg Mack
Systems Engineer
"The turning point for me to switch from LabTech was tickets. With VSA's Live Connect, it is amazing how fast we are able to remote onto a computer. We are on the phone with customers, and in a couple of seconds we are actually on their computer. There is the visual feedback for the user that you're actually there and actively working on something instead of fumbling around."
Jonathan Kopec
Service Manager
Emerging IT
"We have such experience with Kaseya VSA and long knowledge of the product. Even with other companies coming into this market, we have an advantage because we've got the runs on the board on how to set it up and manage it."
Noel Ervine
Sales and New Technology Director
Computex Technology Solutions
"Since we host our customers' private cloud services -- we are the customer's private cloud. When the customer has on-premises items within their office and items hosted within our private cloud, our Network-asa-Service can see both ends. Traverse gives us the ability to look at both on-premises and hosted segments in a hybrid cloud environment,"
Joel Garrison
Senior Systems Engineer for Cloud and Managed Services Infrastructure
Vue Entertainment
"We are able to see the current status of all our devices both hardware and software. Automation has not only saved us time, but helps us utilise our resources more productively."
Mike Rozwadowski
The Arc Baltimore
"Kaseya was an easy choice to make in terms of the product that fit our needs. We tried VSA in a trial, and the first time we used it, we knew it was something that would make our lives easier, so we were sold right away."
Janet Kroll
IT Manager
Intrepid Group
"Whenever I talk to staff now, I don't hear 'IT has not fixed any of my problems,' the usual banter that people say about IT. Now it's 'I was pleasantly surprised. I logged a ticket, and half an hour later they'd fixed it.' I hear that every day."
Adrian Vanderdoes
Global Infrastructure and Service Operations Manager
Virginia Tech
"Back in the day, when we had to do patching, we had to go to each office and each computer and check the updates and run the updates. It takes a lot more time, a lot more manpower. VSA has saved us an immense amount of time."
Richard “Billy” Wesley
IT manager
P2 Technologies
" Obviously investing in the Kaseya solution was a giant leap for us, but we knew it would give us far more capability and as a result more to offer our clients as we grew - it was a clear choice to select Kaseya VSA."
Martin Page
University of Kentucky
"All this automation has freed time up for me to move back to what I should be doing, being more of a manger as opposed to being more of a tech."
Steve Creager
Spark Alliance
"Unlike other solutions that have been around for 10,12,15 years and are trying to adapt to the cloud, BMS was built specifically for MSPs in the cloud. The UI is extremely intuitive, and modules are laid out chronologically as you would need them throughout the project lifecycle, logically walking you through a typical customer engagement."
John Morris
Instant Access
"Kaseya's remote monitoring and management tools give us the ability to quickly connect and support end users if they have an issue, allowing us to deliver a great customer support experience."
Kirk Tabb
IT Project Manager
Internet & Telephone
"Kaseya policy management enables efficiency for our business--making our managed services offerings more manageable and scalable while saving costs for our clients."
Paul Cissel
All Covered
"Kaseya's technology increases the power of our All Covered Unified Management platform. We see the benefits in the stability of our clients' networks."
Mike Verner
Vice President
"Every tool that an MSP takes on has to do one of two things. It has to add value to the service stack that justifies raising prices, or it has to save technicians enough time that they are noticeably more efficient in the way they deliver services. 365 Command saves my staff so much time--just on that one archive feature alone--that it is more than worth the investment."
Jim Lancaster
Chairo Christian School
"All up, Kaseya is turning out to be a fantastic solution that we rely on every day to deliver powerful, technology-enabled learning, "
Lyndon Calway
ICT client services coordinator
"IT support is critical to our business model, and Kaseya enables us to efficiently manage thousands of remote systems from a central management console. We can be readily available in meeting the needs of our busy clients."
Paul Needham
Vice President of Operations
Spark Digital
"Kaseya VSA delivered the capabilities we needed--preventative, automated maintenance; proactive communications; immediate support--to elevate the level of services we were delivering to our customers."
Gavin Sharkey
General Manager of Technology
"Our clients are giving us access to their mission-critical intellectual property, their crown jewels. Knowing their authentications are secure and tracked lets [them] sleep well at night."
Tim Sewell
Security Manager
Green Duck
"Kaseya really listens to what its clients are saying and will take action,"
Mathew Green
Managing Director
"We are able to continually provide high-level IT services and support to our healthcare field clients, allowing them to continue operations no matter what is thrown at them, which often can be a matter of life and death."
Jacob Braun
President and Chief Operating Officer
Network Ops
"Traverse is helping us deliver on our commitments to our partners by providing us the critical capabilities to ensure the effective and efficient monitoring, management and operation of our wide range of custom applications and related IT infrastructure."
Technical Manager
"Kaseya enables the managed services business model. Instead of relying on help desk volume and how that relates to billing, we can focus on customer service and solving real IT problems."
Darragh Fitzpatrick
Executive Vice President
Data Balance
"Kaseya allows us to proactively monitor and maintain our customers' IT environments from a distance, eliminating the need to go on-site and perform lengthy and costly system checks. It's a big change from our break-fix days when we ran around reacting to issues. Now we simply cut them off before they occur."
Jon Lawrence
Sage UK
"We brought in the professionals to create a Service Desk system that works for our needs. We took a service desk template and customised it with a Kaseya engineer to fit our business. The result was a highly tailored solution which was highly intuitive for our end users."
Anthony Anderson
IS Change Manager

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