Itemit has been developed for a host of industries like Construction, Information Technology, Medical Facilities, Education Institutions etc. Itemit can also be used to keep track of household and domestic items, which makes moving things to a new location hassle free, as one does not have to worry about its location later on.

Company Overview

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St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS
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Itemit is an asset management App developed by RedBite Solutions Ltd., based out of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Itemit makes it possible to track assets on the go and update information regarding the same offline as well. It also generates audit trails for assets and inventory, including everything from purchase price and current value to where assets have been, how often they’ve been maintained and when they are due for replacement. In all its a one stop asset and inventory management tool, developed as per industry requirements

Key Product Features

Centralised Admin 
There are many high value assets that have to be carefully monitored in various industries. Access to these assets are limited due to many factors, such as price, critical functionalities, delicate nature etc. Not every one in the organisation has access to such items and authorisation to use such tools are with a select few. It is essential, therefore to manage these items with utmost care and restrict access of these resources. Itemit proves to be a valuable tool when it comes to such a functionality, as it manages the access permissions of team members and verifies it as well as archives assets. The permission to grant access remains with the primary admin.

Export Function
All asset information can be exported to excel, for easy integration and asset analysis. Asset information can be compared to check for asset depreciation and calculate current asset value. Integration with other software modules that require asset information is made possible.

iOS and Android App
In today's world, when everything can be accessed and tracked via Apps, Itemit makes it possible to track and update assets on the go via the iOS and Android app. Locations of fixed assets can be monitored remotely as well as misplaced items can be secured by tracking its last known position.

Web Portal
Apart from the Android and iOS App, Itemit can also be operated via the dedicated web portal. The web portal also has many more features for users.

Offline Access
Itemit makes it possible to update and edit asset records offline, which makes it extremely useful in areas with low internet access.

QR Asset Tags
All important assets of the organisation can be tracked and traced by simply placing an Itemit QR asset tag on them. These items can then be scanned to know asset information.

Itemit with RFID
Itemit RFID makes it possible to scan out of tag items and trace misplaced assets.

Itemit allows users to filter reports by various fields like, owner of the asset, last seen, purchase information, maintenance due date etc.

In an industry or a household, most of the items come with an expiry date and a maintenance schedule. Keeping track of these details are difficult, when there are numerous items to consider, but it is a necessary task and needs to be performed efficiently. Itemit makes keeping track of maintenance schedules and expiry dates hassle-free by sending out reminders, whenever the date approaches thereby, aiding users to perform their tasks effortlessly.


Key Capabilities

Commercial Properties & Facilities Management
Equipment & Machinery Management
Furniture & Fixtures Management
Consumables Management

Detailed Capabilities

Enterprise-grade security and automated backup as standard
Web portal, iOS and Android apps for a complete asset management platform
Work online or offline. There is no loss of vital data
Location based equipment and inventory tracking
QR barcode and RFID asset tracking solution
Import your existing asset database into itemit
Centralised Admin
Offline Access
QR codes with 20 years life span
Bespoke made-to-order QR codes available
Spreadsheet Import Routines Supported


From £9.99 per month

Upto 500 Assets
Free App Access via iOS and Android
Access to Itemit Web Portal
Export and Reporting Functions Included

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"Itemit has proven to be a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to keep track of equipment. It was the only software we trusted to accurately allow us to see the locations of equipment on demand without paying a fortune. It has saved us a lot of time."
Lewis H
, Absorbeez (Romford, UK)
"Itemit is a very useful tool for keeping track of our plant and machinery, inventory and site equipment. I would recommend it to other construction businesses"
Shaun K
, Kilco Builders Limited (Burnham, UK)
"Simple and easy to use. itemit allows us to organise our assets in a way that suits us. "
Sam J.
, Netsells (York, UK)
"Using itemit, on phone and web, has been a seamless experience. The combination of QR tags with photos has made tracking equipment infinitely easier than the spreadsheets we'd previously been using. The tagging feature means we can easily see whats out on location, and with who. Less downtime, and less costs replacing rare items."
Harry R
, Moving Brands (London, UK)
"We were looking for a simple, inexpensive solution when we came across itemit. The team have been really helpful in getting us off the gates. So far we have logged about a hundred items, along with their locations and links to user manuals."
Prof Simone H
, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)
"Can't recommend this solution enough for ease, value and peace-of-mind! We now have full transparency of all our kit across the team."
Andy B
, Mountain Rescue (Torquay, UK)

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