Hardcat Asset Management Software

Popular and known for asset tracking and asset management capabilities, Hardcat is an established product with 30 years of successful history. Hardcat offers a modular solution which mostly suits companies with moderate to complex workflows. The company offers a lighter version of their core product for small and medium businesses.

Hardcat is well-adopted in Care, Defence and Military, Educational Institutions, Emergency Services, Financial Services, Hospitality, Law Enforcement and Telecommunication Industries.

Hardcat also offers asset auditing services which can be useful to develop accurate asset register.

The product is designed and developed in Australia with sales and support office in Woking, Surrey.

Key Product Features

Asset Register Module
A core and foundational module, it allows you to create a single source of asset truth. It connects and draws data from other additional modules. Accurate representation of assets is captured in this module. It offers flexibility to capture custom information of your assets.

Asset Tagging Module
Supports RFID and Barcode technologies offering you customised tracking capabilities. Works with active or passive RFID tags. Last known location is automatically updated. Supports mass issue and return type scenarios. Get to know full audit-trail of individual assets.

Preventative Maintenance Module
Offers a framework to move from reactive to proactive maintenance. Templated maintenance orders to standardise maintenance actions. Distributed alerts ensure maintenance tasks are never missed.

Depreciation Module
Rule-based and automatic calculation of depreciated assets. View depreciation for an asset or for a category. Integrates with Asset Register Module. Works with third party applications and accounting tools.

Help Desk Module
Offers self-service fault logging. Offers framework to increase average resolution time. Cost analysis of incidents and resolutions. Monitor key help desk metrics with dynamic reports

Stock Module
Offers framework to optimise Inventory and Stock. Bespoke workflows to optimise turnaround times. On-demand identification of Stock and its location. Supports threshold level reorder alerts and automatic reordering. Supports multiple currencies. You can set threshold order levels by user type.

Procurement Module
Full cycle procurement features covering Budgeting, Purchase Order, Goods Delivery, Invoicing and Delivery. Configure bespoke and standard cost centres and budgets. Standardised Purchase Orders. Provides a framework for future forecasting.

Google Maps Application
Record GPS data against an asset, people, work orders and help desk with Google Maps feature.

Integration Tools Application
Powerful import and export capability offering data compatibility and integration with third party software.

Software Discovery Application: Understand and monitor your software assets. Offers insight into remote control, patch management, operating system deployment, network protection and other auxiliary services.




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