Freshservice is an incident management, asset management, release management and service catalog software solution. The Freshservice system allows you to manage service desk queries and requests efficiently, enhancing UX and service delivery. The service allows a company’s agents to use powerful automation tools and collaborative features which improve productivity.

Company Overview

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Freshservice is an incident management, asset management, release management and service catalog software solution. The Freshservice system allows you to manage service desk queries and requests efficiently, enhancing UX and service delivery. The service allows a company’s agents to use powerful automation tools and collaborative features which improve productivity.

The Freshservice system was launched in 2014, and was created by Freshworks, a SaaS company which provides its software solutions to companies such as Honda and Unidays. It is essentially an all-in-one IT service desk, allowing organisations to meet the demands of their customers and stakeholders more easily.

Key Product Features

Great UI

Freshservice features an intuitive and state of the art user interface, allowing company employees to use the Freshservice system with little (or no) training required. As well as being well-designed, their system can also be tailored to an organization’s personal needs, whether they be IT-related or non-IT-related.

The service also features multi-channel support, providing users with support for issues which they may encounter. The system allows an organization to provide user support via email, phone chat, live message chat, a self-service portal, or in person. It also allows many processes to be automated, which helps users and customers with more common or minor issues.

Unique UX
Freshservice has followed the gamification trend which has emerged in recent years, allowing organizations to gamify their service desk and turn it into a more compelling and entertaining experience for their staff, which often leads to a boost in employee morale and job satisfaction.

Vast amounts of data
Freshservice provides its users with a wealth of information, allowing them to maintain records of things such as contracts, assets, hardware, software, and all the relevant details attached to these assets. From initial acquisition to eventual expiry, Freshservice allows users to keep track of all their important assets.

Mobile app
The service also supplies a highly-rated mobile app for its users, allowing key employees to have access to important information while away from their office. The mobile service desk app is available for both iOS and Android, enabling users to use many of the features that they could in the PC version of the software.

Incident management service

Freshservice’s incident management services allow team members to resolve tickets and issues via email, phone call, live chat, or many other means. Their SLA management services also mean that users can create task deadlines based on different business hours or ticket categories at hand.

Knowledge management
Similarly, the service’s knowledge management systems allow one to create solutions for incidents and issues, automatically converting the solutions into knowledge base articles which can inform the rest of the incidents team. There is also a self-service portal, which allows customers to visit the knowledge base before looking for their own solutions. Freshservice also makes use of automation, taking the hassle out of much of your team’s work.

Inventory management service
When it comes to asset tracking, Freshservice provides an inventory management service which allows users to manage their IT and non-IT assets, whether they be physical items, contracts, or pieces of software. The system allows users to evaluate the price of the items and plan purchases accordingly. The system also comes with an asset auto-discovery tool, enabling users to use discovery tools in order to automatically scan for all the hardware and software, ensuring location and other relevant information.


Key Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets

Detailed Capabilities

Automatically prioritize tickets based on impact and urgency
Efficient call and incident logging system designed to reduce manual data entry
Multi-channel support from a single platform
Assign and classify tickets based on your business rules
Self Service Capabilities for Employees
SLA Management
Develop and Manage Knowledgebase
Reduce tickets with smart suggestions
Accelerate resolution with workarounds and solutions
Prepare and Maintain Service Catalog
Setup rules based IT shop for your employees
Auto-assign and send for approvals
Real time Insights into service availability
Rebrand your service catalog
Handle incidents with simple automation
Provide visibility with root cause analyses
Drive transparency with 'known error' database
Prevent incidents with workarounds and solutions
Hardware and Software Inventory Management
A single repository to track all your assets
Evaluate value of assets
Monitor purchases across teams
Task Management
Real-time Project Dashboard
Out-of-the-box Reports
Custom Reports as per your business workflows
Cross-Module reports
Interactive Visualizations
Natural Language Querying
Resolve tickets raised via multiple channels like email, self-service portal, live-chat, phone, or even through walk-ups.
Easily capture all the events in your service desk, shorten resolution time and deliver exceptional service within SLAs.
Get visibility into all your tickets and track their progress with a quick glance at the dashboard.
Collaborate with your team from a single screen and know who’s working on a ticket, its priority, and status.
Auto-assign and escalate tickets to the right agents or groups
Create multiple SLA policies to align to your team’s needs, and set expectations about your service delivery to employees.
Define task deadlines based on different criteria – be it source, type, group, or ticket priority – and ensure timely resolution of issues.
Escalate tickets automatically or send notifications about SLA breaches by pre-defining automation rules to suit your ticket priorities.
Gain visibility into your service delivery by keeping track of your performance against SLAs.
Support teams that work in different time zones or business hours by setting service level targets according to their business centers.
A single repository to track all your assets
Get insights into the value of all your assets throughout its lifecycle, and make informed decisions around expenses for assets.
Monitor purchases across teams
Identify all the assets used within your organization using the Discovery Agent to manage computers, and Discovery Probe to scan for all assets within your network.
Schedule automatic scans across your network to periodically update asset information to ensure up-to-date and accurate data.
Scan and identify assets on the go
View all the assets and contracts used by the organisation in a single pane, and see details like its type, location, and the person or department using it.
Track asset relationships and dependencies
Understand how incidents, service requests, problems, and changes are linked to all your assets
Understand the status of all assets in the organisation through all phases
Track past and current usage of assets – right from viewing changes to its latest updates
Track your assets’ upcoming warranty or license expirations, and easily devise renewals and purchases well in advance.
A single repository to track all your assets
Configure asset settings based on user level, department or employment type
Get automatic alerts on user entitlement breaches


From £15
Incident Management
Knowledge Base
Self Service Portal
Standard Reports
From £35
Service Catalog
Asset Management
Custom & Scheduled Reports
Domain Whitelisting
100 Free Assets
From £70
IP Whitelisting
1 Hour Support SLA
Audit Logs
Customer Success Manager
Data Center Location

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Director of Support
"Fresh and simple. That is what we are looking for in today's world where simplicity is overlooked and not found in other tools."
Lauren Nunnally
Swinerton Builders (San Francisco Bay Area)
IT Director
"Freshservice can help IT managers increase efficiency by changing the conversation from I need more people to be successful to my people are successful because they are able to focus on what they mean to do"
Ben Greeno
Judson University (Boulder, Colorado)
Director of IT
"When a tool is intuitive and easy to use, you're more likely to explore and make the most of all the tool's functionalities."
Kenneth Byrne
Moneycorp (London, United Kingdom)
IT Service Director
"It was definitely the best bang for the buck for us."
Santo Brullo
DMG (Edison, New Jersey)
IT Service Director
"I was surprised at the speed of implementation, Freshservice was available the next day and ready to use in under a week. "
Craig Bell
Cordant group (London, United Kingdom)
CEO & Founder
"Setting up Freshservice was like putting together LEGO blocks."
Jonas Christoffersen
ShowIT Media (Sealand Region, Denmark)
Help Desk Supervisor
"It's great that all our suggestions and requests for tweaks in the tool have been welcomed by Freshservice and they've been making those changes as well. It's really good for the future."
Ray Wise
Addison Lee (London, United Kingdom)
Co-founder and CTO
"Freshservice has ensured that our operational data is available to us at any point of time. It has saved us a lot of man-hours."
Rajaraman Santhanam
Chargebee (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)
Social IT Director
"We use Freshservice in a way nobody else did before - by using it in many teams that aren't just IT. It's efficient and exactly what we wanted."
Juan Ramone Dorte
INCAE Business School (Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)
Head of Service Delivery
"There was no way to understand our progress and targets before. Since Freshservice, we've seen significant changes and improvements on that front. "
Gareth Rees
Rant and Rave (Southampton, United Kingdom)
Senior Manager of People Operations
"Freshservice has helped us improve our ability to serve to requests or queries in an elegant and professional manner. The portal experience is very good."
Karthikeyan Rammohan
Flipkart (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)
Project manager
"If another organization is frustrated with their current ITSM tool and wants a breath of fresh air (pun intended), then Freshservice is there ready and waiting."
Adam Le Feuvre
M&C Saatchi (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Director of ICT Support Delivery
"Freshservice has given us clarity into everything that's happening - it ensures fair and identical service quality across academies."
Stuart Jones
Outwood Grange (Wakefield, UK)
Head of IT Operations
"We have seen dramatic improvements associated with the implementation of Freshservice."
Tom Peach-Geraghty
Unidays (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Director of IT Operations
"I was afraid during the implementation that I might have to do it all alone and figure things out myself. But Freshservice's support was very good. They supported me through every step of the way."
Pieter Thewis
BAM Belgium (Brussels Area, Belgium)
Business Systems Analyst
"Freshservice's automations and integrations help us run the IT team as efficiently as possible"
Missy Ivan
Brisbane Racing Club (Brisbane, Australia)
Group IT Director
"Freshservice is a platform that really supports the way we work as a group."
Chris Balmbro
Currie & Brown (London, United Kingdom)
Manager of Information Technology
"The Freshservice mobile app has cut down a lot of time for us and we like to be mobile when we're away from the desk. Freshservice is a fantastic product that we're happy to have chosen as our ITSM solution."
Tony Casey
Motorama (Brisbane, Australia)
IT Director
"Consolidation of all service delivery functions with the help of Freshservice enabled the business to become India's largest supply-chain and logistics provider."
Gaurav Gupta
Delhivery (Gurgaon, India)
Senior Systems Administrator
"Freshservice's reporting helps us track all the work we do. It's really important for us to see how we are working as a team."
Aaron Spiteri
Anne Street Partners (Sydney, Australia)
ICT Manager
"Freshservice allows us to do things that matter, when they matter; it allows us to work together as a team to support our users; to not just fix problems but let us be a part of what they do, understand what they do and come to the table with a solution that works - not just from a problem perspective but also through innovation. "
Joshua Lyon
Donvale Christian College (Melbourne, Australia)
Chief Information Officer
"Veeva's customer satisfaction rating is 97% with Freshservice. The teams love that the stats show happy internal customers. It's a 'pride' thing - they chose these careers because they want to solve problems and Freshservice helps them do that. The positive feedback keeps them going, and motivates them to keep trying to be better than before."
Prasad Ramakrishnan
Veeva Systems (San Francisco Bay Area)
Senior IT Manager
"Our plan, our vision with Freshservice is to make it a one stop shop for everything and to brand it to a point where I can redirect users to all solutions from the portal itself. We want Freshservice to be the single point for all requests."
Zenon Oratis
Averda (Cyprus)
Service Delivery Manager
"Love the fact that when a customer rates a ticket, it lets future agents know if they were satisfied with past service or whether they will need more than a call to make them happy."
Ben Laxton
Royal Rehab (Sydney, Australia)
Head of ICT
"We just wanted something that we could easily get up and running - plug in and use, with appendages upfront - but then Freshservice had the additional functionality that let us configure it to our needs as we work."
Mark Heyworth
Sellwood Housing (Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom)
IT Operations Director
"Freshservice is extremely easy to setup and easy to use - both at the agent and end user level."
Marie-Alice Calando
Serimax (Champs-sur-Marne, Île-de-France, France)
Head of IT Operations
"Freshservice was willing to go the extra mile to make sure the system met our needs. Overall, Freshservice has been one of the best tools we have worked with - no matter what time of day it is, they always get back to us within a few hours of getting in touch."
Grant Harris
Western Sussex Hospitals (Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom)
Operations Manager for IT
"The things that really brought us to Freshservice were asset management and contract management. Each of our business units was doing things differently and no one was really doing well. Then when we had a demo of Freshservice to see how we could leverage and standardize things across units, we really liked its features. In fact, contract management was not even something that we were looking at, but having it really brought us along. "
Jared West
East West (Avon, Colorado)
IT Support Specialist
"IT Support Specialist at Synpulse, recommends Freshservice as an affordable and reasonably priced end-to-end ITSM solution offering an intuitive Service Catalog to enable in-house knowledge management"
Romelou Jay Orofeo
Synpulse (Region VII - Central Visayas, Philippines)
IT Director
"As a customer, I am extremely happy with how Freshservice is listening to all our requirements and are proactively pushing us to derive the most value from this tool "
Uditha Wijesundara
ISM e-Company (Sri Lanka)
Centro Command Center Manager
"It was very easy. We just put our imagination to how we wanted the system to work and we had a couple of engineers from Freshservice working with us. It took two weeks to establish the complete system for us."
Abey El Sayed
CentroGS (Egypt)

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