Freshservice is an incident management, asset management, release management and service catalog software solution. The Freshservice system allows you to manage service desk queries and requests efficiently, enhancing UX and service delivery. The service allows a company’s agents to use powerful automation tools and collaborative features which improve productivity.

The Freshservice system was launched in 2014, and was created by Freshworks, a SaaS company which provides its software solutions to companies such as Honda and Unidays. It is essentially an all-in-one IT service desk, allowing organizations to meet the demands of their customers and stakeholders more easily.

Key Product Features

Great UI

Freshservice features an intuitive and state of the art user interface, allowing company employees to use the Freshservice system with little (or no) training required. As well as being well-designed, their system can also be tailored to an organization’s personal needs, whether they be IT-related or non-IT-related.

The service also features multi-channel support, providing users with support for issues which they may encounter. The system allows an organization to provide user support via email, phone chat, live message chat, a self-service portal, or in person. It also allows many processes to be automated, which helps users and customers with more common or minor issues.

Unique UX
Freshservice has followed the gamification trend which has emerged in recent years, allowing organizations to gamify their service desk and turn it into a more compelling and entertaining experience for their staff, which often leads to a boost in employee morale and job satisfaction.

Vast amounts of data
Freshservice provides its users with a wealth of information, allowing them to maintain records of things such as contracts, assets, hardware, software, and all the relevant details attached to these assets. From initial acquisition to eventual expiry, Freshservice allows users to keep track of all their important assets.

Mobile app
The service also supplies a highly-rated mobile app for its users, allowing key employees to have access to important information while away from their office. The mobile service desk app is available for both iOS and Android, enabling users to use many of the features that they could in the PC version of the software.

Incident management service

Freshservice’s incident management services allow team members to resolve tickets and issues via email, phone call, live chat, or many other means. Their SLA management services also mean that users can create task deadlines based on different business hours or ticket categories at hand.

Knowledge management
Similarly, the service’s knowledge management systems allow one to create solutions for incidents and issues, automatically converting the solutions into knowledge base articles which can inform the rest of the incidents team. There is also a self-service portal, which allows customers to visit the knowledge base before looking for their own solutions. Freshservice also makes use of automation, taking the hassle out of much of your team’s work.

Inventory management service
When it comes to asset tracking, Freshservice provides an inventory management service which allows users to manage their IT and non-IT assets, whether they be physical items, contracts, or pieces of software. The system allows users to evaluate the price of the items and plan purchases accordingly. The system also comes with an asset auto-discovery tool, enabling users to use discovery tools in order to automatically scan for all the hardware and software, ensuring location and other relevant information.


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