BulbThings is an asset management app which allows users to track their assets effectively, using powerful tools and systems to generate reports and insights about their assets. The app can also be used for things such as lifecycle management, TCO management, and inventory management, giving users a one-stop-shop solution for all their data and asset-tracking needs.

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Key Product Features

Multi-Asset Management

The app's multi-asset management capabilities mean that users can consolidate their scattered asset data and arrange it in one place, giving them a comprehensive overview of their assets from a centralized location. You can manage and register new assets easily, using the simple user interface to get the job done. This can also be done via mobile, allowing users to report asset usage, damages, and request new assets while on the go.

TCO Management

The TCO management system allows users to see all their costs with complete transparency, using bespoke insights to help them reduce their total cost of ownership. From here, assets can be assigned to users, locations, and cost centers, keeping track of the system and managing consumption accordingly. You can also import things such as invoices here, tracking them as necessary. In addition, you can receive customised alerts about consumption and contract adjustments if you wish to.

Lifecycle Management

With Bulb Things lifecycle management abilities, you can track an asset's life journey from start to finish, ensuring you are equipped with all the necessary information you require about your assets at all times. You can also automate administrative tasks in order to reduce your man-hours and devote more time to value-adding important business tasks. Placing orders for products and services is also easy, with the system allowing you to create contracts and analyze costs when necessary. Finally, you can also receive reminders about important dates, such as maintenance dates or renewal dates.

Inventory Management

The app's inventory management features allow you to see which assets you own in real-time, preventing loss/theft and often reducing insurance premiums as a result. The service comes with a mobile app, which can be used to scan assets via QR codes, tracing them and receiving real-time information about the location and status of the assets. The company is also introducing a new depreciation engine soon, allowing you to track and estimate the depreciation of assets in real-time.

Asset Tracking

You can track your assets via state-of-the-art sensors, accurately ascertaining their location at all times. Automation can also be used for data collection, meaning that you receive regular insights into asset usage and condition on an automatic basis. If you wish, you can also opt for real-time alerts about asset changes, which may be crucial for more important assets.

Fleet Management

The system's fleet management services are ideal for managing a fleet of company vehicles and all the logistical problems that come with it. You can ascertain the precise location of a company vehicle at any time, simultaneously tracking other information such as fuel consumption and mileage. You’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your fleets, using the information to make better and more well-informed decisions. The service allows you to oversee your entire fleet of drivers, assigning them scores and ensuring that they follow best practices at all times. Essentially, you'll be an eye in the sky, ensuring that your fleet of drivers are carrying out their duties appropriately and in accordance with your company policies.


Key Capabilities

Equipment & Machinery Management
Furniture & Fixtures Management
Consumables Management
Fleet Management

Detailed Capabilities

Alert threshold configuration
Budget management
Improved car trips display
Manage maintenance of your equipment on the fly
Users can request assets
Integration with Trakm8 Dongles
Integration with Kontakt Beacons
Display stock availability
User profiles
New calendar
Bulk asset management
KPI alerts and trends
Asset Tracking
Real-Time Inventory
Depreciation Calculator
Warranties status and notifications
Calculate the total and real cost of your assets
Import your invoices


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