With more than 35 years of experience and a large clientele, from both the private and the public sector, AssetWorks is a pioneer in asset management. With different solutions for different domains of asset management, AssetWorks main aim is to improve efficiency and increase data transparency to reduce overall costs. Playing a role in several domains such as fixed asset management, Fleet and Fuel management, Integrated Workplace Management, Property Risk Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Surplus Asset Management. Several solutions are created by AssetWorks which are bespoke to the above-mentioned domains.

All of AssetWorks products are either ReADY, AiM, or FiRE products. ReADY products help customers to be connected to the company. AiM products are ones which facilitate staff to manage campus problems. FiRE products are used to bring information to the workers on the field. One of the key AiM solutions is the Integrated workplace management system, which is used as a facilities management system. This system comes with different products and tools suitable for Real Estate and Property Management, Space Management, Operations and Maintenance, Capital Planning and Project Management, and Energy Management. It also includes an energy management software for managing energy requirements at large organisations and provides utility cost allocations.

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Key Product Features

Fleet and Fuel Management
The software for fleet and fuel management helps in data management, analysis, keeping track of work orders and requests, maintenance management and in handling billing and warranty. Automating these tasks create a truly integrated platform which makes access and management easy. The solution is available on a mobile platform makes it convenient for people on the go. This is done primarily by the products FleetFocus and FluidFocus.


Capital Asset Management (CAM)
This is a life cycle based management system which is capable of exploiting the full potential of an asset with minimum costs. By efficient data access and management, it is possible to minimize the capital and operating costs of an asset and also achieve sustainability goals. With automated requests and work processing, tracking becomes easy and manageable. Simple visualization techniques allow good analysis of data and thereby promote proper budget planning. A similar solution called surplus asset management software works with extending the useful life of assets, generating revenue, and diverting waste from landfills


Enterprise Asset Management Software
This is a software targeted for use by public works for infrastructure management. A management product that allows integrated use with the Resource planning software, which in turn allows decision making with cost cutting measures. The workforce is also provided with the mobile asset management software which eliminates duplicate data entry and enables real time integration of new data. With complex visualisation tools, data becomes more accessible and readable to the clients.


Field Service Solution
This software is designed for servicing the workforce on the field. An electronic logging device solution is brought in to track time and attendance. The software further ensures safety on the field and also keeps a track of operations. Since data is integrated in real time, financial decision making is improved.


Capital Planning and Project Management
This software provides both AiM and FiRE products which help mainly in the construction planning and management. The AiM product allows efficient management which supports cost and risk reduction for organisations. This management platform is complemented by the FiRE product which enables mobile access to the workforce and allows real time tracking of projects.


Property Risk Software
This software manages property information and enables valuation management. The data managed are usually buildings and structures, property in the open, fixed assets, licensed vehicles, and secondary COPE characteristics. This data can be tracked and reports are generated for loss control, annual updating, property valuation etc.


Parking Management Software
The software is designed for parking operations, promote better customer service, and increase revenues. By streamlining the parking process, time is reduced and customer complaints are reduced. Automating the parking ticket generation reduces the chance of unnecessary disputes. For universities, parking availability can be communication to the students through the means of a mobile app. This makes reduced emissions, less circling traffic, a smoother parking experience, and happier students, faculty and visitors.




Key Capabilities

Properties & Facilities
Asset Tracking
Equipment & Machinery
Furniture & Fixtures
Planned & Preventative Maintenance
Service Management
Asset Accounting

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