You can manage any type of asset effectively with Assettrac. Whether its movable property or small electrical fixtures and fittings, all of a company's assets can be tracked using the Assettrac system, informing you of their location at all times.

Assettrac was established in 1999. Assettrac uses a paper-free system to track your assets, storing your asset information on secure servers and backing the data up to meet the appropriate ISO27001 standards.

The Assettrac system is used by a wide range of professionals and industries, for example, teachers and educators, facilities managers, IT managers, finance managers, and many more. Any system which needs to save their asset information will be able to extract much value from the Assettrac system.

Key Product Features

Registration and initial audit

Assettrac's registration and initial audit phase allow their team of auditors to tag your assets and log a description of them, taking their location and any information which they think is relevant. This allows the team to form your initial register for your items. The team can also return to your premises (upon request) to tag new assets, confirm current location information, and distribute reports about any missing items. They can also ascertain the condition of the items. This process normally takes less than a week, often a few days.


Assettrac register all kinds of assets, meaning anything which you own and use regularly, especially important or high-value items. They may track fixed objects like smoke alarms or emergency exits in a building, or they may also track portable items such as IT equipment, furniture, medical tools, musical instruments, science equipment, trees, sports equipment, appliances, and much more. The system can even be used to help track the whereabouts of clinical samples and people.

The inventory you track could include assets which produce revenue, such as items which are leased. Similarly, it could also include items which are tracked during a journey they must make. For example, you may have medical equipment which needs to make trips between your premises and a hospital.

Data privacy

The Assettrac team are sensitive with your private data, giving your assets and information the confidentiality and privacy they deserve. In case you have any worries about your inventory’s safety, the Assettrac team members have all undergone strict DBS criminal background checks, with the company being insured for up to £5m if necessary. They can provide risk assessments and method statements if you would prefer them to.

CSV files

Assettrac workers can track up to 400 items per auditor per day in office environments, allowing you to track a large number of items with one visit from their staff. They can also work at night or on weekends, meaning that your staff doesn’t need to be disturbed by the auditing process. After auditing, you will be provided with a CSV file detailing your assets, which can also be uploaded to a secure online database.

Barcodes and labelling

The Assettrac team uses cost-effective labels in order to barcode tags which are already in place, thereby saving you money. They also know the replacement values for around 5000 items of office property, including furniture and IT equipment. Assettrac’s big USP is its overall convenience, with very few companies carrying out the entire process of producing labels, scanning things, creating software, and keeping track of assets.

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