You can manage any type of asset effectively with Assettrac. Whether its movable property or small electrical fixtures and fittings, all of a company's assets can be tracked using the Assettrac system, informing you of their location at all times.

Assettrac was established in 1999. Assettrac uses a paper-free system to track your assets, storing your asset information on secure servers and backing the data up to meet the appropriate ISO27001 standards.

The Assettrac system is used by a wide range of professionals and industries, for example, teachers and educators, facilities managers, IT managers, finance managers, and many more. Any system which needs to save their asset information will be able to extract much value from the Assettrac system.

Company Overview

Number of Customers
Office Location
Victoria House, Henfield Road, Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9XE
Established Since

Customisable Asset Management Portal – Specific User, Site and Enterprise Applications

24/7 Cloud-based, user definable tracking system to update and report on specific current asset information or audit trail/lifecycle..

Central area for multi-user or departments to access their latest company asset information.

System tailorable by the customer themselves as to their needs and work processes.

Interaction with handheld units operating in real-time, no need to upload data back at the office.

Views definable to the user job role. Often from Estates, Finance, Operations or IT. Engineer or Standard office views all accommodated.

Enables field work where required for auditing, updating or inspecting asset information.

Ability to also use to undertake ‘walk-around’ inspection regimes as part of a compliance process if necessary.

Fully Hosted and Supported System

No additional inhouse IT resources needed. Accessible 24/7. Assettrac provides hosting management and provision of the data with our customer support available throughout.

Inhouse Software development if needed

Whilst providing software that is customer adaptable and off-the-shelf, Assettrac own and develop the system therefore it can also provide specific software development where required to become a fully bespoke and integratable system.

Asset Registration, Asset Audit and Reverification

Whether it be creating a new register or verifying the latest details in a specific area, Assettrac provides an onsite tagging and scanning service to verify or add to an inventory in any location an organisation might require. Sending a team to undertake a specific and concentrated onsite job helps companies attain the latest details where they don’t have the time or resources to undertake themselves. It also minimises disruption and maximises asset capture. Dependent on the environment and the access, the team can tag between 200-400 items per day.


Tagged item information is sent to the system in real-time and can either be used to populate a new or existing customer portal or be provide as an excel spreadsheet for upload where required.


Organisations can utilise this service as phase 1 of project implementation to provide the latest data to manage within a system or access it further down the line to update themselves as they go or utilise our team again periodically to update.


Assettrac uses unique identifiers (asset tags) to manage any property that organisations need to manage. This can be anything from regular IT and appliances to statutory FM equipment, warehouse items, clinical samples, documents, or general portable items.

Assettrac can also help you track revenue-producing assets that may be leased or undertaking journeys to sites and customers which incur invoicing requirements and possible route mapping for field operatives.


Many Facilities management customers also find benefit in providing a window of this system to their customers improving visibility, transparency and communication as an added service.

Additionally, Assettrac can also provide tracking of work processes where users undertake walk-arounds or other monitoring with a requirement of demonstratable compliance or management. This could be anything from security to area maintenance (reactive or pre-planned) to safety procedures such as medical or fire.

Asset tags
Assettrac uses and provides all ranges of asset tags for a particular solution whether it be indoor or outdoor, rugged or hazardous, Assettrac can recommend and provide the best materials for the application in question.


We are device agnostic but can recommend and provide a range of handhelds that are cost effective and are fully tested by our own audit team undertaking the same types of operations as our customers.

Whole Solution

Assettrac often provides customers with their whole asset management solution by providing asset tags, software, any associated hardware, asset auditing services, as well as full training and user support. Having had many years in the industry, and involved with many different sectors, we have been able to cross-pollinate our experiences to provide for many asset management scenarios. Assettrac is able to offer advice and consultation as to the best methods and management processes required. Assettrac are delighted to lend their knowledge to assist with varied circumstances and scenarios in question.

Data Privacy and Safety

The Assettrac team are sensitive with all private data. All organisations have dedicated user logins and can be managed themselves under their own preferences.

All data is hosted under ISO27001 conditions. Access via secure socket layer environment.

Assettrac also is an approved member of the UK Government Cyber Essentials accreditation scheme.

All onsite asset audit teams are DBS checked.

Assettrac also holds ‘SafeContractor’ accredited status.

Asset audits undertaken in varied locations schools, offices, hospitals, airports, labs and industrial sites. Method statement and risk assessments can be provided where work is required in restricted environments.

Key Capabilities

Commercial Properties & Facilities Management
Inventory Management
Equipment & Machinery Management
Furniture & Fixtures Management
Consumables Management

Detailed Capabilities

Easily accessible online portal for unlimited asset information
Tracks all changes by User, Date & Time
Create any text, date and number field for complete customisation
Data Import and Export
Customer defineable views of own data for specialist teams or separate departments
Own digital inspection creation
Attach Photos and Documents – Unlimited storage
Update items in real-time either online or through handhelds
Manage item or situation conditions and plan replacement programme or review
Manage people efficiently to attend items or areas of need. Cascade responsibility for data and items.
Setup alerts to advise yourself or teams based on defined criteria.
Digitally manage and report on items from first registration through to ultimate disposal and archive.
Asset Audits provided as a service and can be a part of your software implementation
Onsite Asset Tagging and Logging Services
Depreciation Routine


Software and Support
From £3,000 to £10,000
Unlimited asset records, fields and asset information storage
Unlimited technical and customer support UK based (8am -5pm) included.
Customer tailorable system, non-modular, all functionality available
Handheld Hardware
£695 per device
Ruggedised handheld with in-built laser scanner
Includes pre-installed APRT handheld software to communicate with system
Data changes in real-time, use existing WiFi infrastructure or 4G network.
No need to dock or connect back up to PC
Asset Tags
£250/1000 tags
Customised according to application and environment

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"Your auditors have been on site today and have efficiently completed the task at hand. They were all very professional, polite and are assets in themselves to your company!! I look forward to hearing from your office regarding training. Thank you and your team for the work done so far. "
Khalsa Primary School (Slough, UK)
"Wow! Thank you so much for carrying out the asset audit for our school and I would also like to say how impressed I am with the efficient service that Assettrac provided. I am very interested in the on-line version as per your suggestion for using now and on a continuing annual basis."
Dover Grammar School for Girls (Kent, UK)
"I must say what an easy process it was. It was all run very smoothly and had hardly any impact on the school or children at all. Thank you. "
Great Denham Primary School (Denham, UK)
"Your auditors finished their work at lunchtime today - outstanding! Really lovely chaps, polite and helpful and really thought outside the box and it was a pleasure having them working with us. We are fitting out half of the 8th floor starting in 2 weeks so may well ask for help at the end of August in cataloging this area. Many thanks and please pass on my thanks to the team "
Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (London, UK)
Head of Video
"I would like to thank you for your support and the fantastic service you have provided with your asset tracking platform."
Jim Ward
Amnesty International (London, UK)
Managing Director
"One word springs to mind - 'Brilliant' - Assettrac is a very clever organisation and has benefited us enormously. We have the right solution, for the right price at the right time in our growth stage"
Robert Almond
Salvatex Recycling Group (Corby, UK)
School Business Manager
"I will certainly recommend you to other schools as I am so pleased with all you have done"
Sue Pearce
Medina House School (Newport, UK)
Site Manager
" would just like to say how pleased we are with the ASSETtrac system. We have just had a financial audit, they looked at everything - including our asset register that you had prepared for us. It was certainly put to the test. The auditors' examined it in great detail picking items throughout the asset register and asking to see the actual items for them for their selves. Then picking items at random and asking to see them on the asset register. Happy to say that every item was successfully accounted for. On the third day of inspection the auditors gave their summing up of their visit and were happy to give an outstanding classification with a special reference to the asset register. So, thank you ASSETtrac, I would be happy to recommend your system to anyone who needs to keep track of their equipment in a simple to use and easy to understand way. "
Len Dry
Christchurch Bentink Primary School (London, UK)

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