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The Capitol Building, Oldbury, Bracknell RG12 8FZ
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Key Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets

Detailed Capabilities

On-Premise or Cloud Hosted Solution
GDPR Risk Assessment (Service)
SAP, Oracle and Microsoft 365 License Optimiser
Automatically populate ServiceNow CMDB
Unified View of Multi-Platform, Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Estates
Datacenter Optimisation
Supports Key Licensing Types
Roles-based Multi-User Interface
Automatic detection of unused software assets
Cloud Inventory Management
Cloud Spend Visibility


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"Snow has been an outstanding partner to Bridgestone. They are here for us, and want us to succeed in the SAM space...Snow License Manager has proven to be as fantastic as we'd hoped. Snow Optimizer for SAP(R) Software has given us unprecedented visibility into our SAP environment, and our SAP security team is actually planning on using it for administrative tasks they have historically had to do system by system."
SAM Specialist
"Being able to inventory more of the device estate and automatically recognize whatever software is out there now allows me to work in a much more focused way"
Jesper Beck Lassen
Software Asset Manager
"With the help of Snow's reporting, we have now gained visibility regarding the licenses used in the company and have been able to optimize our software estate. As a result, we've been able redistribute excess licenses and avoid spending on procuring more"
Carola Iberl
Global License Manager
Ardent Healthcare Services
"Snow gave us the insight that 90% of users didn't need Microsoft Office ProPlus so we downgraded 1500 licenses, making a saving of more than $150,000"
Rebecca Snoblen
Software Licensing Analyst
"Snow Automation Platform has helped the bank reduce the time it takes to deal with requests"
Berto Machado
Workplace and Common Infrastructure team
Sun Chemical
"The bill after our first audit having implemented Snow was driven down from over half a million dollars to zero"
Stuart Hudson
Software Asset Manager
"Sky does not see itself as just investing in a product but also the relationship that will enable it to achieve success"
Simon Wong
Software Compliance Manager
"A key aspect of Snow is the ability to help optimize licenses, specifically transferring spare or under-utilized licenses to where they are most needed. For example, our Chinese operation has just bought 200 Microsoft Office Standard licenses but, at the time, had we had the visibility that Snow provides, we could have potentially transferred licenses from our head office and saved the additional cost. Going forwards, Snow will also help with our future procurement requirements as we will be able to purchase only those licenses needed."
Pawel Szczepaniak
Software License Manager
"Snow has helped us integrate our businesses and made SAM compliance easier and quicker. We've saved money. But the biggest factor is probably intangible. It's hard to put a price on confidence that we maintain appropriate software licensing"
Chad Payne
Executive Director IT Operations
Al Naboodah Group Enterprises
"I think we made a wise choice. With the amount of information that we get from Snow, I think it was one of the most strategic IT investments we have made."
Abhinav Mittal
IT Governance and Planning Manager
Vistra Energy
"Before we got Snow, we didn't really have a mechanism to track what we owned, what we were using. Or have any idea of where we could better leverage our spend."
James Milburn
"Since deploying Snow to the first few departments, it has detected an immense number of applications and usage data. Once fully deployed, this information will be used to help make improve buying habits around single and site licenses and should result in sizable cost savings. The interface of the system is clear and easy to use with information readily at hand. Uploading licenses into the system is straight forward and presents informative errors should there be a problem. We look forward to fully deploying Snow and the additional features to maximize its potential and create a complete ITAM environment"
Chris Andrews
Information Management and Technology
Gruppo Campari
"A proper SAM Strategy requires a highly-automated solution that easily clarifies challenging topics, like e.g. complex licensing metrics. Snow Software gives us a reliable solution to manage and control both contracts and applications in a geographically distributed environment like ours."
Lorenzo Mondino
Senior Director
City of Tampa
"Snow's SAM platform enables me to be more effective with less overhead and make savings that can be invested elsewhere"
David Baird
IT Purchasing Leader
"We are delighted we completed our Microsoft true-up in just two weeks, previously it took three months"
Sean Magner
SAM Consultant
"Insight and the Snow SAM solution have provided Canon with clarity on our license compliance situation, we now have an excellent position in terms of both our software and hardware asset management."
Neil Elson
Manager, Enterprise Operations
"Our long-term aim with Snow is to automate and simplify our SAM processes while maintaining an overview of our licensing stock. The solution saves us time and effort, and takes the stress out of preparing for audits and contract negotiations."
Albert Rösch
Head of IT Service Management
Symrise AG
"Starting with the quick and easy implementation of the Snow Optimizer for SAP software, Snow quickly demonstrated via a proof of concept that its software solutions provide very effective results when handling time-critical licensing requests. At a later stage in rolling out our SAM project, Snow has also helped us quickly analyze our license situation for the Microsoft environment. We feel that Snow Software has provided Symrise with a comprehensive and highly-automated solution for Symrise AG license management."
Karlheinz Steinsiek
Lead Buyer IT
Just Group PLC
"There's a huge lack of information at the moment. That's the main driver for adopting Snow. It's about really getting on top of the whole stampede, getting on top of what the costs are around deployments, and demonstrating to our vendors that we are managing this, but also that we are taking proper steps in terms of completing these migrations."
Lee Brown
Commercial & Software Licensing Consultant
National Physical Laboratory
"I had looked at Snow a few years ago and thought it was great, but we weren't in a position to take it forward. However, we have now purchased Snow and it's even better! More features and Snow Automation Platform saves so much time. A product that is solely dedicated to Software Asset Management - it's definitely the best product in the market!"
Julie Wells
IT Service Desk Manager
Bath Spa University
"Bath Spa University is looking to derive the greatest possible value from its investment in software assets as well as ensuring that it remains compliant with its licensing obligations. The Snow solution gives us the central visibility and control required to optimize and protect our software asset estate"
John Beaver
Director of IT
"In the space of a year using Snow, we've gained valuable data on how software is used throughout the Group, and been able to use those findings to inform key decisions, including where costs can be saved through license reharvesting"
Jas Kalay
Global Software Asset Manager
Al Futtaim Group
"Snow Optimizer for SAP(R) Software enabled Al-Futtaim Group to significantly reduce SAP system administration time and annual license costs. By automating a number of processes, we have been able to optimize our SAP licenses with the minimal effort"
Sandeep Vengsarker
IT Director
City Of Amsterdam
"Since we have had Snow, we now have control over our changing IT landscape. With the visibility into usage we have been able to respond promptly and accurately to vendor audits"
Tore Dahl Iversen
Vendor Manager
Sealed Air
"Sealed Air are pleased to announce that after extensive evaluation of the SAM technologies and vendors, we have selected Snow Software. We believe that this investment will give us full visibility and control across our hardware and software estates, reducing cost and driving efficiencies across our global business."
Colin Ryder
Executive Director
"Manually monitoring SAP licenses took five to six people from our business units and internal IT department. This was quite difficult as each business unit was managing the user IDs themselves. As a result, there wasn't a method for tracking the number of user IDs and we had to perform regular system measurements to get an idea of the real situation"
Klaus Kivelä
IT Manager
Atos Corporation
"We needed something that scaled, something that looked into virtual networks, and that could help us plan for our future"
Bill Genzoli
"We are delighted that we can derive an accurate level of costs around our non-compliance and with the automatically generated real-time data reports, the company has the necessary insight to give regular updates to Management and demonstrate tangible costs savings that we've been able to achieve with SAM"
Aneta Koz?owska
SAM Team Manager
Thames Valley and Hampshire police forces
"Using Snow we can make better decisions and determine what is the best delivery method (such as the cloud or a virtual platform) based on usage"
Lee Brown
SAM consultant
"Snow has made the difference; it's helped us formalize the processes and achieve the business benefits of optimizing our estate"
Christian Björkly-Nordström
"Snow will assist us in quickly identifying pockets of opportunities to re-harvest software assets more efficiently as well as provide us with a solution to assist with strategic decisions around software licensing "
Matthew Turrell
Senior IT Servicedesk Engineer
"Snow Device Manager allows our business to adapt and reconfigure devices on the fly according to our current and ever-changing needs"
Chris Giles
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
"Since we got Snow, we work more quickly and more effectively. Passing audits has become a lot simpler. In the past, without Snow, this would have been unthinkable."
Susanne Wittek
License Manager
Komatsu Australia
"We selected the Snow Optimizer for SAP to gain unprecedented visibility into our SAP environment, greatly reducing the effort required to establish our SAP licensing position"
John Steele
National IT Manager
"As a SAM solution you can't go far wrong! Since its implementation we have been able to right the wrongs of the past and gain full control over our Software licensing. Furthermore we have used Snow to provide more dynamic real time reporting around our most valuable assets"
Dan Acton
IT Site Support Manager
"Snow Software has provided reliable solutions to our Software Asset Management challenges, with extensive product features backed up by a strong team. The team's ability to quickly understand the complex problems facing OEDIV was also an important factor in choosing Snow. Complementing the services provided by Snow and Octopus Cloud, OEDIV is now finding new consultancy approaches with its own customers. These are the optimal foundations for a trusting partnership with Snow Software."
Martin Stratmann
ICT Operations
"The changing landscape of software licensing requires us to be proactive rather than reactive. Snow Software provides us with the right tools to manage and optimise our suite of licenses."
Dave Thomasson
"We are really enjoying the ease of use and the intuitive interface of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software. Its reporting functionalities - across all systems, with data that are normalized and comprehensive - are just what AVL needed. The automation and monitoring capabilities of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software underpin a cost-efficient SAP license management. All these points confirm we made the right choice opting for Snow."
Patrik Kury
SAP Applications Manager
"Most of all, Snow Device Manager gives us all the control that we need"
Tomas Leideborg
Network and Systems Manager
"We felt that the figures provided by the auditors were vastly different from the ones in the Effective License Position report that we had already calculated for the company. We used the data from Snow to defend our case for a much lower true-up cost"
Thulsi Williams
SAM Analyst
DAB Pumps
"Having a solution that can help in compliance and optimization analysis was important for us, but what was really crucial was to have a unique solution that can cover 100% of our different technologies. Having a single software vendor or application not tracked or not managed in a centralized way would have meant failure in this project. The combination of Snow's capabilities and the Netcom competencies [in both solutions integration and licensing consultancy] enabled us to achieve our goal."
Lorenzo Ginestri
Arla Foods
"Having a system that is able to categorize and present data in a compelling way is important."
Jan Lynge Jakobsen
Senior IT Specialist
Carnival plc
"The biggest benefit of Snow is the reporting. I'm able to be certain about the information I give to senior managers and we can make detailed business decisions based on that"
Alan Witt
Software Asset Manager
NPAC Holdings
"Snow enables us to inventory our software and hardware estate with very little input from my team, freeing them up to use their time on productive tasks and it gives me the confidence that our licensing is always taken care of"
Patrick Kittle
Group Infra & Technology Manager
Glenn Howells Architects
"Snow gives me the confidence that we are properly licensed at all times."
Jonathan Carthy
Head of IT
Ferretti Group
"After having understood the importance of an accurate compliance position, we decided to use Snow Software, which equips us with consistent monitoring on application metering. This plays a crucial role in our SAM Strategy. All in all, Snow Software gives us a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing both contracts and applications."
Giuliano Capizzi
SBM Offshore
"Snow License Manager is good because of its simplicity, providing a good overview quickly"
Erwin Sparreboom
Head of IT Strategy
Beumer GmbH
"Right from the outset (with a PoC), Snow Optimizer for SAP Software gave us a very good understanding of our optimization potential which swayed our decision to fully implement the solution so we could effectively manage our SAP estate. Snow helps us ensure compliance at all times and avoid unnecessary costs."
Christian Brentrup
SAP Basis Administrator
"We chose Snow License Manager, because it offers the most comprehensive SAM functionality and is easy to use."
Nathalie Denie
IT Buyer
Bauhaus AG
"Snow's licensing management solutions enable seamless, vendor-independent management of our software inventory and meet the compliance requirements at all times."
H. Meyer
Head of Department
"Managing licenses and optimizing our software estate is a continuous process, and thanks to Snow, many repetitive tasks have been removed"
Juvi Mustonen
IT Development Manager
Edelmann GmbH
"Before we deployed Snow's solutions, we lacked visibility into our software estate - used and unused licenses. This cost us a lot of time and money. By implementing the SAM platform, we were able to optimize our software installations and licenses, and provide our license manager with a suitable solution to help him in his daily work. We were able to achieve savings of around EUR32,000. In addition, resources have been freed up which we can reuse elsewhere."
Ulrich von Waechter
Director IT, Business Processes and Materials Management
Yorkshire Building Society
"The best thing about Snow is the Software Recognition Service and the automation for calculating compliance quickly. Our SAM is team is small so the reports Snow provides allows us to quickly understand our estate, manage compliance and provide management information. Cost saving is a key driver and being able to manage software harvesting along with the software license management gives us the optimization we need. We achieved significant savings within six months."
Graham Philpott
Software Asset Manager
RID Utrecht
"We have made savings of around EUR 50,000, within just a few months. This has been done by harvesting and then reallocating existing licenses, instead of having to buy more."
Steven Veldhuizen
University of Bath
"We set our sights on managing our licenses more efficiently and optimizing our software spend, Snow offered not only the tools, but also the services and support we needed to get started on this journey"
Dr Roger Jardine
Assistant Director of IT (Infrastructure)
"Thanks to Snow License Manager we have the visibility and insight for our customers on their software usage so we can give better advice to them on how they can cut costs too."
Tom van der Horst
Licensing Manager
St George's University Hospital
"St George's made a decision to purchase Snow License Manager, as we realise the need for effective and proactive license management in the public sector. By using a product that has a large footprint in the NHS, we are able to find areas of cost savings, remain compliant, as well as manage our hardware estate, all in one place."
Pushpak Nayak
Head of ICT Operations
"Optimized licensing thanks to Snow. We want to reduce and optimize the number of applications we have. We expect to reduce the workload of the ICT department as it no longer has to manually manage the software estate"
Walter Poels
Leeds City College
"By using Snow we have generated 10-15% savings on our Microsoft estate alone this year"
Graham Eland
Director of IT Systems & Strategy
"Large organizations like VieCuri cannot properly ensure their compliance without a software asset management solution. We opted for Snow because Microsoft performed an audit at VieCuri with it. What is good enough for our primary software vendor is good enough for VieCuri."
Niek Janssen
Enterprise Architect and responsible for the license management
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
"We decided to purchase Snow License Manager because we wanted to gain full visibility of all hardware assets across the RCOG estate, whilst also ensuring we remain compliant with all of our software vendors"
Robert Riley
IT Manager
King's College London
"King's College London has been looking to improve on its SAM and Supplier Management capabilities by centrally managing, controlling and protecting software assets as well as centralising our contracts and agreements. Since implementing SLM8, King's continues to expand and integrate the SAM capabilities with other process areas already resulting in identifying cost avoidance opportunities, areas for improvements and streamlining process to give the best end user experience. The Service from Snow Software has been outstanding to date and our relationship is continuing to grow positively."
Nick Marsay
IT Contracts & Supplier Manager (Governance)
Granarolo Group
"The combination of our very competent partner SoftwareONE, and the highly automated functionalities of Snow's Software Asset Management platform created a unique winning formula. We had spent a lot of time investigating the right solution to manage complicated licensing scenarios and Snow more than others met our requirements. A huge benefit has been the integration of managing our SAP environment into the same project with a certified-SAP native solution."
Massimiliano Cusumano
Hogeschool Inholland
"Snow Software's SAM platform offers us a very complete picture of our application landscape and enables us to efficiently manage our licensing."
Eelco de Vos
Vendor manager at the Department of Information & Technology
"The entire package appealed to us: the functionality, the shallow learning curve and the applicability to our virtual environment."
Adil Boubou
Asset Manager
"Snow gave us some excellent advice about a compliance issue; they then did a great job of putting that advice into practice. Having been trained by a real 'Snow guru', we have now struck out on our own, with the help of our implementation partner Comparex. They help us interpret our various vendor agreements."
Ronald Haije
license procurer and manger
"We are happy with the seamless integration with TopDesk and we have attained our SAM goals."
Rob de Rijk
Coordinator Identity and Access
"Snow is really flexible, both commercially and technically. Ikano had no previous experience with SAM solutions. We wanted a platform that could give us more insight into the software we already have, what this software is costing us and what we can do about that. We are extremely impressed with the way in which Snow is approaching this project"
Ivan Lafond
Incident & Problem Manager
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
"Taking the time to set up a compliance monitoring solution, like Snow, is well worth the effort. There's nothing as bad as being under the gun and needing to collect the licenses on a timeline because you're in the middle of an audit, it's a situation that no organization wants to be in."
Greg Kunz
Head of Server Operations
"Snow Software revealed there were several software packages we were not using - this intelligence enabled us to remove redundant software. Because we have gained greater insight into our software usage and licensing position, we can more easily achieve our goal of compliance."
Ted Wildenberg
ICT Contract Manager
"We have improved software management and saved a lot of money by ensuring that only people who need and use the software have access to it. Over a series of vendors and agreements this has amounted to more than a million pounds."
David Foxen
Global Software Asset Manager
Bank of Ireland
"We've explored other SAM solutions but Snow is head and shoulders above the rest - it is intuitive, the data reported is always accurate, reliable, and readily available, and the new functionality in Snow License Manager 7 means we can manage our entire estate with a single SAM console to make better purchasing decisions."
Dave Hyland
Head of Software Asset Management
"With six figure cost savings delivered from the outset, moving to a Snow-based SAM Managed Service was no gamble for us. The service has paid for itself many times over"
Mark Cox
Head of global IT operations
Buckinghamshire County Council
"We were not getting the detail we needed in terms of applications installed from SCCM and overall, reporting and visibility were tricky to achieve."
Richard Randall
ICT Technical Officer
Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd
"My recommendation is to ensure you have a good, flexible SAM tool able to provide the functionality your organization needs because licensing compliance is a massively growing industry and corporate governance is critical both from a cost and reputation perspective."
Lois Price
IT Service Assurance Manager
Harper Macleod
"When you buy a tool like Snow, you expect it to work and audit things, but we were impressed with its simple interface and the way the solution gave us the data we needed and ran bespoke reports so quickly"
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey
Man Investments
"Being able to use a single SAM solution to manage all our software, from desktop applications like Microsoft and Adobe, to optimizing datacenter server licensing for Oracle and VMWare, is incredibly powerful and means we can provide consistent management reporting proving compliance and the monthly cost savings achieved"
Mark Duffy
Software and Communications Category Manager
Carmarthenshire County Council
"Each department is required to find costs savings, and now we are able to help them achieve this."
Mark Howard
IT Projects Consultant
Guardian News & Media
"Moving to Snow has simplified my role and made us more efficient as an organization. Adopting a next generation SAM tool has enabled us to combine cost optimization and prevention with more traditional compliance activities"
Dini Alim
Compliance & Asset Manager
Unite the Union
"Snow played an essential role in Unite's migration to Windows 7. It gave us the ability to accurately calculate the number of clients we have and with estimated cost avoidance of ?1m, has easily saved us over 20 times the amount we originally invested."
Geoff Davidson
National Systems Coordinator
NYK Business Systems
"Looking back on two and a half years' experience with Snow Software, we can say that it fully meets our compliance requirement and that our return on investment has been quick because of significant savings on the use of software across the European NYK sites."
Ing. Rob van Erk
Manager European IT Support Team
"With Snow, we are now automatically informed about license compliance and have better insight into our software costs across our IT estate"
Camiel Bissels
ICT Policy

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