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The Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell - RG12 1LF
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Key Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets

Detailed Capabilities

Inventory & IT Asset Management
Systems Deployment
Patch Management and Endpoint Security
KACE Systems Management Appliance
Software Distribution
System Imaging and Deployments
Remote Site Management
Automated Deployments
Mobile Device Enrollment
Integration with SMA
Mobile Inventory/Management


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Telefónica España
"Thanks to Recovery Manager for Active Directory, if an operational errors results in the deletion of an AD object, we can restore the object in seconds instead of hours"
IT manager
Ignite Business Communications
"Rapid Recovery gives us the flexibility to tailor recovery points and recovery times to the needs of our clients "
Andy Portlock
Commercial Director
"Businesses need to be up and running as soon as possible. You can backup all day long. It's the restore that counts. Rapid Recovery gives our customers a whole new world of recovery options."
Darragh Canavan
Sales Director
"Quest data protection is a fantastic solution and it is easy to use. It allowed me to finally go to bed and sleep safe in the knowledge that my backups were completing, being replicated out off site and being sent to a live standby -- no more watching a tape restore with fingers crossed."
George Mair
IT & Comms Manager
National Cancer Registry
"I'd happily rate Rapid Recovery a ten out of ten and recommend it without hesitation. Alan Gibson, IT Systems Administrator, National Cancer Registry of Ireland"
Avera Health
"It's almost mind-blowing how successful our migration was. We had zero user impact and zero data loss. The Quest migration tool just works"
Curtis Mavity
Senior Systems Engineer
Léon Bérard Center
"If a file is accidentally deleted, we can easily retrieve the data from the last differential backup before the incident with our Quest solution. We are now better able to meet our quality of service obligations to personnel."
Franck Mestre
Infrastructure Manager
Howard County
"If an account is accidentally deprovisioned, we can use Active Roles to bring it back -- with all the same permissions -- in just two clicks.... This one tool saves us hours of work."
Terrance Diggs
Service Desk Manager
"Many businesses think a strong disaster recovery plan is too expensive -- until something like Fort McMurray happens. Then they realize how much more expensive a weak disaster recovery plan can be"
Steven Hsu
President and CEO
"Without Foglight, we wouldn't be able to meet our SLAs at all. With Foglight, we meet well over 99.5% of our SLAs."
Bailey Glenn
Foglight Administrator
Seminole County Public Schools
"The KACE appliances replaced three separate systems and eliminated the need to purchase a significantly more expensive competitive solution, saving us at least $100,000 in the last three years"
Tom Condo
Supervisor of IS Operations
Super Selectos
"We've automated backup and recovery tasks using the Quest backup monitoring software, so we can spend more time analyzing new solutions that improve the business"
Humberto Della Torre
IT Manager
CMC Markets
"The implementation of the DR Series was one of the smoothest I've ever done. ... From unboxing to production, it took less than 60 minutes."
Matthew Webb
IT Operations Team Lead
OnCue Marketing
"The DR appliance has functioned flawlessly from day one. I don't have to think about it; I don't have to worry about it. It just does what it's supposed to do"
Rocky Taylor
IT Director
"We were able to migrate 19,000 mailboxes and a year's worth of calendar data from Notes to Office 365 in just six months -- on time and under budget."
Brian Greene
Manager of Unified Communications Support
Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals Inc.
"By eliminating the need to purchase additional disk storage arrays for staging backup data, the DL4000 appliances saved us $8,000 right off the bat. in addition, as soon as deployment is complete, we'll be saving over $9,000 annually by not having to purchase and maintain tapes and contract with an off-site valuing service"
Leonard Charran
Network Administrator
Dragon Capital
"We are able to audit access changes in almost all of the company's information systems in real time, allowing us to move to a risk-oriented management model nd providing us with an acceptable level of confidentiality, consistency and availability of information"
Dmytro Pasechnik
Head of Information Security
Advantage Waypoint
"KACE appliances have allowed me to maintain completely separate environments while I manage them as one unified environment. The [KACE Systems Management Appliance] gave me a view of all the new systems I had to inventory through the merger when the only connection I had to them was over the internet"
Harry Folloder
"InfraScience's wealth of expertise and experience combined with Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes made the project seamless, with no change to the user experience"
Dave Bailey
Global IT Manager
"We have eliminated the two hours of downtime we used to have every night for our reporting database by switching to SharePlex"
Sean Scott
Oracle DBA
Rhondda Housing Association
"We were previously paying EUR1200 per month to protect just seven servers, and we are now paying EUR900 per month for Rapid Recovery to protect all 32 servers - so we have gained 357 percent more data protection for EUR300 (25 percent) less per month"
Nigel Lee
ICT Manager
"Whether I'm monitoring in the office or I get a call at home at 2:00 a.m., I can get a very helpful overview of every domain controller at once with Spotlight on Active Directory"
Pat Brown
Director of Server Engineering
"We reduced total costs 50 percent with NetVault Backup. This takes into account the extra storage we had to buy on an almost constant basis and the amount of time it took to manage the previous solution"
Daniel De Los Santos
Senior Director
"The most important benefit of our new solution is that our data and systems are always available. And it's more cost-effective than the other enterprise software and hardware solutions out there"
Robert van der Linden
Systems Administrator
Tarrant Technology Partners
"We can ensure little to zero downtime for our clients using Rapid Recovery. We can restore a failed server in a couple of hours from backup, or failover to a virtual standby in just minutes"
Craig Christopher
GEMS Education Global
"AppAssure didn't just solve our problems -- it solved problems that we hadn't even known we had"
Ashley Scammell
U.K. IT Manager
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
"We were using about seven different products to perform the inventory, imaging and remote system management that we now perform with just the KACE K1000 and K2000"
Michael Carter
Network Administrator
Orion Health
"Thanks to the Supermassive, we have significantly improved the security and stability of our core enterprise systems, and we can easily pass audits of out financial systems and audits from potential customers"
Brad Clark
Systems Engineer
SATS Elixia
"On Demand Migration for Email is a money saver in two ways: it ensures end-user productivity and also saves IT many hours of work"
Peter Sandstrom
IT Operations Manager
AE&C Services
"We currently have Rapid Recovery take snapshots every hour. Therefore, we have been able to cut our recovery point objective from two days to just one hour, minimizing data loss to a level we are comfortable with."
Jason Holland
System Administrator and Software Developer
Philadelphia Youth Network
"This tool has been instrumental in giving our leaders, our executives, the information they need so they can see and act differently. It has helped us become a data-driven organization"
Michael Pompey
"With the new tools, resolution times have dropped by about 30 percent from what they used to be"
Steve Shinsel
Director of IT
Huntington Theatre
"I've had backup situations where I've prayed that AppAssure picked it up because it was going to be bad news for me. And sure enough, it's there every time."
Scott Poole
IT Director
Drexel University
"We've eliminated -- not reduced, but eliminated -- overtime spend during break week. We went from 100 extra hours to finishing a day and a half early with the KACE appliance"
Jason Rappaport
Director of IT
"Migrator for Notes to Exchange and Coexistence Manager for Notes vastly reduced migration costs by automating so much of the process for us"
Richard Cammish
Chief Information Officer
"If you call me next year, I'll still be using KACE appliances, because they just work. I can't imagine ever switching"
Scott Carstens
Information Technology Systems Manager
Cross Sound Ferry
"The ... solution gives us peace of mind knowing that we can recover from a hardware failure in minutes rather than days"
John Simmons
Manager of Information Technology
Resort Collection
"Choosing AppAssure saved the company over $80,000 in monthly fees over three years. And we can back up as much data as we want, so we now can protect all of our servers and take more frequent backups"
Rick Arrington
Director of Systems & Applications
Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation
"AppAssure has cleared up a good 30-50 percent of staff time that can now be focused proactively on other critical business needs"
Tonia Williams
CIO-IT Director
OTP Bank
"Migrator for Notes to Exchange helped us to migrate all 3,000 users as quickly and painlessly as possible, without any unplanned downtime. It was business-critical that we met the seven-month deadline, and we couldn't have done that without the solution"
Eduard Gabai
Head of Enterprise Systems Engineering
Casino New Brunswick
"I've done all kinds of recovery and AppAssure has never failed me. We just sleep better at night"
Marcel LeBlanc
IT Manager
"RemoteScan has enabled us to simplify and automate data processing workflow, reducing the number of operations associated with customer service delivery. This has enabled us to increase the volume of customers that we deal with, which in turn has increased revenues"
Marat Salimov
Deputy IT Director
University of Alaska
"Our users have a wide range of technical skills. We have novice users who do not completely understand the underlying table structures, as well as experts who need to create highly complex queries. Toad Data Point is a tool that supports both"
Patty Itchoak
Director of Electronic Student Services
Zions Bancorporation
"I save a lot of time with Toad Data Point because I'm not hopping around to different tools. I just open Toad Data Point in the morning and I don't have to ever leave it"
James McGregor
Business Intelligence Administrator
Choice Hotels
"Before Stat, one migration release could take three to four hours. Now, it's done in about 20 to 30 minutes"
Scott Williams
Director of Corporation Applications
South Dakota Housing Authority
"With the DR4000 creating backups and replicating them to our secondary site, we can now quickly recover data that users need to serve our customers"
Travis Duffy
Network Administrator
Concordia University
"As I was looking for a good self-service BI tool, I realized pretty quickly that the Toad Data Point had everything we needed"
Rebekah Anderson
Director of Business Intelligence
Allergy Partners
"We can easily perform a full backup on everything with the DR4000 in place"
Jason Reed
Senior Network Engineer
Platinum Bank
"Together, Change Auditor and InTrust satisfy the needs of our auditors and management in full"
Sergey Popov
CIO and board member
Indiana Office of Technology
"Stat was a good choice for us because it put approval systems into place and does a good job of communicating what's going on. We didn't have an official process before, and now that's all been locked down"
Jeff Chaney
Deputy IT Director
Curtiss-Wright Corporation
"We thought Stat looked good, because it combined into one product all of the things that we were doing in three different ways"
Cary Pochek
Oracle Project Lead
"We actually have a waiting list of DBAs and developers who want Toad on their desktops.They tell me they just can't function without it"
Sue Camner
Senior Operating Systems Programmer and DBA Manager
University of Miami
"vRanger provides great resource control, which helps to ensure that you are not running too many backups to one host"
Kathryn Cabrera
Network Engineer
"Even a short period of downtime would lead to financial losses and potentially also fines. Thanks to Recovery Manager for Active Directory, we are able to substantially reduce these risks"
Aleksandr Polischuk
Head of Infrastructure and Networks
Johnson Matthey Plc
"Migration Manager exceeded our expectations. We completed the migration in eight months, whereas a manual approach would have taken us at least four years"
Stephen Way
Divisional IT Director
"OnDemand Migration for Email literally did exactly what Quest said it would do, and it did it perfectly. That's all you want, isn't it? The Quest tool just worked"
Max Smith
Unified Communications Business Consultant
The Universidad Europea de Madrid
"The solution has provided the university with a system that 100 percent controls any tasks carried out on Active Directory, thanks to its detailed auditing functions"
Roberto Peralta
Business Partner Faculty Support
University of Nebraska Omaha
"We received very positive feedback from the users. In fact, we were told that this was one of the best projects that we've ever had on campus"
Jay Killion
Project Manager and Business Analysis
Wiltshire Council
"The migrations ran smoothly, with no data loss and no unplanned downtime... only one percent of users experienced real migration problems, which is phenomenally low"
Andy Spurway
Head of Information Services Delivery
Coca-Cola Bottling Co
"Top management kept a large number of contacts in Notes. All that information was migrated with no data loss because of Migrator for Notes to Exchange."
Alicia Graham
Senior Systems Specialist
Total Petrochemicals
"We were able to migrate more than 250 applications with no interruption to users or other problems with Migrator for Notes to SharePoint"
Paul Wansart
Domain Manager

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