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Information management is key, to all organisations, small and big alike. Since 1999, this task is being simplified by the ever improving web solutions provided by Novo Solutions. Their web and mobile cloud platform, known as ShareNet, is highly flexible and used by several reputed companies to manage their information safely and effectively.

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One of the key features of ShareNet is its user-friendly nature which makes it easy for clients to learn the complete features of the product in a small period of time. With its powerful reporting capabilities, it goes beyond just an information management system and makes it possible to work on information on the cloud platform.

Novo solutions have made their mark in several industries which include Banking, Community Associations, Education, Government, Healthcare, IT support and Manufacturing.

Key Product Features

IT Help Desk
Provides web solutions for optimizing help desk processes such as management of tickets. This is done through automated email to ticket creation, efficient reporting, and scheduling, adaptable workflows which help several situations in an automated manner, increased customer visibility and also hassle-free automation of email updates when tickets are generated. All in all, a closed loop system is created for ticket management through which help desk processes are simplified and turnaround times are improved.


Asset Management
An asset management software provided by Novo Solutions help in gaining full visibility of the client's assets. With all the assets and their information in one portal, it is easier to make decisions for the clients. The costs and value of the assets along with a detailed record of all the previous changes to each of the assets are clearly visible to the client. Barcode scanning is also possible on smartphones to retrieve asset information. With its powerful cost tracking and robust reporting features, the adaptable asset management software works effectively for all kinds of clients.


Customer Support
Novo solutions also provides a customer support software which provides tracking and reporting on customer service requests, in addition to providing a self-support portal for the customers. The customer support software is scalable which makes it a tool that grows with the demand. Moreover, instant email notifications and SLA alerts are a given to ensure an action is taken. With its tracking capabilities, it helps not only the customers track the status, but also the new employees to determine the next course of action efficiently, without wasting time.


A public portal that helps the public to be in touch with information on the municipal assets and also act as a platform for the public to provide requests and reviews. Provides all day round access to responsive automatic workflows. Its simple to use nature, encourages every citizen to access it. Its asset mapping features also help to create a software with geo-tagged work orders.



A maintenance software that helps to report on maintenance management. It contains the complete history of maintenance of equipment including costs, to understand the requirements in less time. This efficiency provided by the software is further increased by the automated scheduling of tasks, such as preventive maintenance efforts. Another feature is the availability of operational data which makes it visible to the client, the effectiveness of the current practices, the cost, and the asset worth.


Work order Management
Work order Management software helps to manage several orders at a time. By organisation of work orders, better equipment management is possible thereby saving time, money and labour. Linking work orders also help to complete orders in a smarter and efficient manner by accessing, the requirements in terms of money, cost, equipment and labour required. Preventive maintenance of equipment is also done by the automated scheduling of such tasks ensuring workflow is not disturbed.


Knowledge Base
The knowledge base software provides a portal which contains all information in one place for the accessibility and comfort of the customers. Its searchable interface helps customers and employees to find information fast and the vast knowledge base helps fast problem-solving. Employees have different, adaptable portals which makes it easier for them to troubleshoot problems efficiently.


Community Manager
Community association manager is an all day round, web and mobile solution that helps to provide an interface for all residents where relevant information can be stored, such as important contacts and announcements, previous incidents and upcoming events. The software also acts as a place to input tracked service requests which will be automatically shown as an email update to the concerned personnel. Security is also increased by allowing security staff to manage passes and security logs effectively.

Key Capabilities

Consumables Management

Detailed Capabilities

Easy to Use
Import Data from Excel
Access and Manage Assets on Mobile Devices
Barcode Scanning
Connect Assets to Users, Location and Projects
Configure the product to suit your workflows and business rules
85+ Reports on Asset Status, Location, Use and Maintenance Schedule.
Configure your own reports for your business workflows.


From $25 per month

Minimum 3 Users
Paid Annually

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San Bernardino County Child Support Services
"We use the NOVO [ShareNet] tool. Simply stated, It's easy to use and technical support has been great."
Greg P.
Automated Systems Analyst
BFG Communications
"I have worked with NOVO for 2 years +, using the Assets app on the Sharenet platform. NOVO personnel and customer service have always been very quick to help, answer questions and provide solutions for me. There are regular updates to the app and my input is always accepted and used to make the system better."
Russ G
Sr. Manager of Warehouse and Inventory
FMC Technologies
"Novo solutions has been very responsive to our needs for improvements in the product. The flexibility of the system worked very well for integrating both Product Development and Product Support teams in to one environment. "
Azam K.
Product Support
Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement
"NOVO has been a lifesaver for us with our incident tracking and asset management needs. The tool was easy to implement, and the assistance from the NOVO support staff has made our experience very user friendly. "
Sandra E.
IT Manager
Illinois Institute of Technology
"Novo solutions has been an invaluable tool to help our university manage its excess inventory. We contacted and tested about 5 different systems before deciding on this one; it had the options we needed, the set-up support, and the integration all for a fairly reasonable price. I highly recommend Novo Solutions to anyone looking to manage a revolving inventory, no matter the size."
Stephen P
Asst. Director of Sustainability
Blackhawk Engagement Solutions
"Fantastic system. Easy to navigate and easy to update. "
Marta C
CS Training Manager

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