FMIS has over 30 years of experience in over 40 different countries. FMIS is a specialist in asset management and order processing software, using a unique all-in-one system which can be easily integrated with other logistics and processing systems.

FMIS asset management system can be integrated with most finance, HR, ERP and CRM systems. FMIS also offer a range of fixed asset services, as well as purchase to pay services, order management services, equipment maintenance services, leasing services and much more.

The company works with partners in the manufacturing industry, governmental institutions, energy suppliers, equipment leasing companies, commercial enterprises and many more. The FMIS system offers an all-in-one solution for asset tracking.

Company Overview

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Fixed Assets Service
FMIS Fixed Assets service offers a flexible accounting solution which can handle a range of complex requirements. The system can easily forecast and calculate depreciation for multiple companies, tracking assets from acquisition to disposal. FMIS always sticks to the strict accounting standards in place, being compliant with IFRS and local GAAP.

Asset tracking
Their Asset Tracking service is designed to allow organisations to track the status and location of their assets across various locations, with all the relevant data being made available to the relevant data handlers in the organisation

Equipment maintenance program
Similarly, the FMIS equipment maintenance program offers a maintenance system for companies with many assets, and can be used as part of an overall enterprise asset management system. The system allows users to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime while taking advantage of automated processes.

Barcode Tracking
FMIS Barcode Tracking helps to regulate these processes, ensuring a streamlined inventory system for a user’s assets. FMIS use a modern RFID system in order to effectively track and manage the locations of barcodes and assets.

Lease Accounting Service
FMIS Lease Accounting service enables total lease management for both the lessees and the lessors involved in a lease arrangement. Lease automation processes are all compliant with the IFRS16 and similar accounting standards. FMIS also produces an Order Management system, allowing you to seamlessly automate your sales orders, quotes, purchase orders, accounting, and inventory processes into one convenient workflow.

Purchase to Pay system
FMIS is renowned for its Purchase to Pay system, which automates the entire P2P process, automating everything from purchase order creation right through to invoice reporting and processing. The FMIS P2P system allows stakeholders (such as procurement teams) to view any order in real-time, with the reporting being tailored to their needs and the relevant data they require.

Stock and inventory
The Stock and Inventory system used by FMIS ensures that warehousing costs are minimized while nonetheless maximizing production efficiency. Regular audits allow you to locate your stock position accurately at any time, ensuring complete accuracy and omniscience.

Purchase order processing service
FMIS Purchase Order Processing service allows stakeholders to visibly control and manage the expenditure from order creation all the way through to payment and invoice matching. FMIS’s 3-way invoice matching also uses OCR scanning too. Their Sales Order system allows organizations to create sales orders and quotes directly from the CRM demand, effectively tracking stock and inventory whilst simultaneously managing invoicing and dispatching.


Key Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Properties & Facilities
Asset Tracking
Equipment & Machinery
Planned & Preventative Maintenance
Service Management
Asset Accounting

Detailed Capabilities

Real-time visibility of your asset register
Attach Images, documents and create user defined fields
Conduct Physical audits accurately and efficiently
Track all asset events from purchase to disposal
Integrated barcoding and RFID tracking
Record and plan scheduled and preventative maintenance


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Asset Tracking Capabilities
Enterprise Asset Management Capabilities
Facilities Management Features

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