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The cradle-to-grave approach for a web solution taken by the AGSL has been taking off since 2004. This web solution is mainly targeted towards creating a reliable framework for the protection of process control software which are used by companies to control operations and production processes. This secure system reduces risk by providing security, using digital encryption to reduce cyber attacks and also provide a central repository to ensure there is a fallback in case of an attack or corruption of software. Version control ensures that the steps can be traced back which is essential in root cause analysis, if and when there is a disaster.

AGSL has provided solutions for industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Food & Beverage industries.

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Key Product Features

Compliance Management
With AGSL's background in control systems's integration and its experience with different industries, customers reduce the risk of non-compliance of codes and regulations. Software and hardware control along with audit tracking ensures that there is a full security loop within the system. Control system management usually involves secure backups of code and documents, configuration management (including change control and fault logging), user password management, security of information and audit trails.

Obsolescence Management
The Asset Guardian Obsolescence module works to reduce the time wasted in asset management by prioritising tasks based on risk, components, resources and time. Once the data accumulates, it is necessary to replace, retain or change some component to ensure cost-effectiveness. Companies are free to use this module along with the software module or as a stand alone product. Analysing, tracking, prioritising and reporting is made easier by this module.

Configuring Change Management
As software improves, configuration changes are inevitable. On a larger scale, for companies, this is difficult to track and manage. This module comes with the feature where there exists a management system for changes. This can be interlinked with the fault logging thereby making sure all the information in under one domain and managing the workflow effectively. Moreover, this change management system is capable of customising change requests so as to fit the customer's needs. Timely alerts further play a role in making sure the changes are done in time.

Disaster Recovery and Risk
The AG software solution ensures that the right people have access to the right process at the right time. Breaches into the system, intentional or unintentional, are a cause to worry. Asset Guardian limits unauthorised access and provides a secure platform for asset management for clients. MD5 checksum verification is used to ensure that the files accessed from Asset Guardian remain the same. The software further plays a role in resetting the system in case of a failure.

Project Operations and Maintenance
Operations and Maintenance requirements are met by the AG software solution by ensuring Functional Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Reduction, Plant integrity, Disaster Recovery and Quality. This is done by software version control, limiting access to authorized personal and an efficient workflow process with proper reporting, logging and tracking features.

Server Hosting
The AG software solution also offers a feature of server hosting which is an easy, fast and flexible approach to implementing Asset Guardian. This feature can be useful for short term as well as long term clients. This can also be availed as a test server before implementing Asset Guardian on the client's networks. These servers are secure and flexible allowing clients with various needs to access it easily.

Additionally, Asset Guardian also offers training both in cloud, as well as locally as per the clients requirements. This training is to help clients to be able to fully exploit the features of the Asset Guardian software solution. There are both user courses and administrator courses. There is also a Learning Management System which can be used by companies track the progress and time spent by employees undergoing the training.



Detailed Capabilities

Software backup repository and revision control
Fault logs
Hardware and Obsolescence Management
Audit history
Reporting and exporting
Form customisation


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Group Head - Protection & Electrical
"We found it difficult to find a company capable of meeting our requirements due to the technically challenging nature of this project. However, AGSL proved that it has the technical capabilities to develop an exact fit for us. We're looking forward to working with the Asset Guardian team, and receiving its support in helping us to maintain our consistently high standards when it comes to managing the integrity of our assets."
John Duguid
EDF Energy, Torness Power Station
Project Manager
"Asset Guardian more than adequately fulfills our needs. It is an essential, cost effective and reliable solution that has no viable alternative."
John Thompson
Scottish Power

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