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CP House, 97-107 Uxbridge Road, London - W5 5TL
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Key Capabilities

IT Asset Management
Manage Cloud Services and Applications
IT Service Management
Manage On-Premise IT Hardware and Software Assets

Detailed Capabilities

Accurate software inventory
Normalized View of Applications
Detects Unused PC Software
Detects Unused Server Software
Restricts the use of prohibited applications
Financially Quantifies Waste
ISO compliant Entitlement Library
Simple traffic light compliance system
Automatically reclaims and recycles licenses on PCs
Simplified Infrastructure

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David Keeble
"A truly distinguished, global brand, Bacardi is responsible for many of the most famous and beloved liquors in the world; 1E solutions have been a part of Bacardi's IT infrastructure for almost a decade"
David Keeble
Senior Manager, IT Services, End User Computing
"The implementation of 1E products has been key to our success in systems management."
Mike Robb
Solutions Engineer
SDI Media
"I'd looked at Tanium. But in terms of speed of response, it was not the same. It wasn't instantaneous. In terms of speed of response and the ability to do actions right now, Tachyon is amazing."
Sarb Dhanda
Director of Applications and Helpdesk Support
"When you talk about SCCM and remote distribution and limited bandwidth, you are thinking about Nomad"
Olivier Nguyen
Lead Architect, End User Computing
"Riverside completed its Windows 7 migration a couple of years ago. However, if there's a lesson in last month's unfortunate events, it's that none of us should rest on our laurels. The more up-to-date your software, patches, and operating system are, the better. WannaCry is a loud wake-up call reminding us that we all need to stay current. As a result, we're planning to accelerate our move to Windows 10."
Kenny Covington
Systems Administrator
"The experience of using Nomad has been fantastic. The ability to deploy over 4,000/5,000 machines quickly and efficiently, without having a massively robust network has been awesome. "
Johnny Hua
Information Technology Manager
Schneider Electric
"We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That's where Nomad came into the picture."
Michal Lackovic
"We calculated that each request was costing us an average of $40 saved per request, so now we are saving approximately $148,000 per month, which comes to $1,776,000 per year"
Brooks Truitt
Global Service Delivery Manager
"We have saved $1.16 million over two years, which equates to 148,137 software installs processed and more than 37,000 man hours eliminated. These are conservative figures as we only put $12 against servicing a request and 15 minutes per application install"
Richard Barnes
Global Automation Team Leader

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