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AMX is a specialist asset management tool that has proven capabilities to manage a variety of infrastructure assets including bridges, highways, street lighting, street furniture, PRoW, parking, road safety, flood risk or environment and ports. Typical users of the product are local authorities, civil engineering firms and international engineering and infrastructure consultants.


Key Capabilities

 On-premise (different app) and cloud applications (different app) - GDPR, UK and No US Laws.

Asset Structure can be personalised to your workflows: Since infrastructure assets are mostly custom built, the product is designed to appreciate that every infrastructure asset is different and hence offers significant customisation and configuration capabilities. It is one of the rare products that supports custom data structures, this is really powerful as every infrastructure asset can be connected in multiple ways to other assets. For example, relationship between bridge, roads, lighting, traffic and maintenance can be defined as per your existing terminologies and workflow. Hierarchical relationships as well as flat relationships between assets are supported to offer flexibility in managing your capex heavy assets.

Templated Assets to speed-up management of standard assets: The product offers templated mechanism to support standard assets. For example; templates are available to manage Waterway Length, Access Road, Car Park, Crane, Slipway, Listed Structure and many other assets.

Designed for capex heavy assets: Since infrastructure assets have long asset lifecycles, the product is designed to handle budget to maintenance to decommissioning stages of infrastructure assets. As with personalised asset structure, you can define your own depreciation models and maintenance strategies. You can also review multiple depreciation models based on your intended management of the assets.


Works with GIS Systems: Since the asset management tool is built for heavy infrastructure type of assets, GIS (Geographic Information System) feature of the product is very useful to map new and existing infrastructure on current landscape. For example; layout of your bridge on current landscape, lighting infrastructure on roads, water pipes in your council area etc.

Asset Monitoring and Maintenance: Customisable and defined maintenance as well as inspection workflows are supported to cater reactive and preventive maintenance tasks. Maintenance plans based on budgets and service availability can be organized to manage your fixed assets.

Reporting Capabilities: On-demand reports on your infrastructure assets offer enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Key Capabilities

Infrastructure (Highways, Bridges and Roads)

Detailed Capabilities

Comprehensive, Customisable Asset Records
Fixed Penalty Notices (Street Works)
Inspection Management
Integrated GIS
Works Management
Document Management
Maintenance Optimisation
Mobile Technology
Integration with Existing Systems
Life-cycle Planning and Management
Availale on Android, iOS and Windows operating mobile devices
LLFA responsibilities
T98 & PRSA Assessments
Consents, Enforcement and Restrictions
Incident Management
EA and NRW datasets
BCI, CCS & Harmonised Inspection Reporting
CIPFA Structures Toolkit
WGA reporting
Condition Scoring
Deterioration Modelling
Well Lit Highways, DFT Appendix B (Street Lighting)
ILP TR22 (Street Lighting)
DNO (Street Lighting)
Carbon Reduction Efficiency Scheme reporting (Street Lighting)
NRSWA (Street Works)


From £800 per user per year

For concurrent User Licence
Volume pricing based on 30+ users
Software Pricing Only - Excludes Support, Training and Implementation Costs

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City of Cardiff Council
"AMX is brilliant. It has improved the way we work, we are much more efficient. Linking photos to defects on site has saved back-office work with digital cameras and word documents, now defects are simply emailed to different departments through AMX - we should have done it years ago!"
Nicola Bound
Section Leader | Asset Management
Scottish Canals
"The staff who have been involved in the testing of AMX have found it more user friendly and intuitive than previous systems with a user interface that is better and easier to navigate."
Andrew Stevenson
Asset & Programme Manager
Powys County Council
"Compared to other structure management systems this is so flexible and adaptable to what you need, in my opinion it is by far the market leader, especially the ability to manipulate things, maps, photos and the bulk edit tool, which are amazing. We find that AMX Solutions listen to us and understand our sector. We feel completely in control."
Antony Roberts
Highways, Capital & Structures Engineer
Norfolk Highway Bridges
"The AMX team really took the time to listen to our needs and processes and ensure that the software would deliver all that we needed with minimal disruption. Its ease of use and scalability ensures it will continue to deliver and grow."
Andrew Wadsworth
Norfolk Highway Bridges team
South Gloucestershire Council
"A flexible system that suits our method of working, providing more than we are used to and more than other systems we have reviewed. AMX staff back-up is quick and friendly."
Andrew Clabon
Engineer – Highways Structures
Natural Resources Wales
"Bringing together all of our Flood Asset information into AMX, will allow us to make better decisions on how we spend public money to maintain our flood assets to protect people and property from flooding. Our users have already told us that AMX is straightforward to use and easy to navigate. We are already receiving positive feedback on future enhancements that users would like to see. The beauty of AMX is that its flexibility will allow us to be able to implement enhancements, which will improve the information and functionality available to our users. Our experience of working with AMX Solutions, in particular Karen and Will, has been totally positive, we have provided them with some significant challenges which they responded to on every occasion. We look forward to continuing the excellent working relationship with them to develop a market leading Asset Management System"
Gareth Jones
Project Manager
Herefordshire Council
"We have found AMX to be an easy to use and intuitive system that we have been able to develop for one area, but then scale across our service into differing asset areas and services. We have been supported by the AMX team in achieving our service goals as part of this."
Richard Perkins
Asset Management Team Leader

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